10 Beer Myths Debunked!

10 Beer Myths Debunked!

Links for entry #9:
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  • @Battlegarden - most of the beers bottled in these types of bottle (see also Mikkeller barrel-aged beers etc) are styles that are not-so-susceptible to skunking, ie lambics, imperial stouts etc, as they have less hop character than pales/IPAs etc.
  • Shared a bottle of Peche Mortel Imperial stout which had spent 6 months in direct sunlight (shop-front)
    Didnt taste worse than the last time Id had that beer.....
  • @Tim: according to the EU anything at or below 0,5 is concidered alcohol free.
    Jonas N09.08.2014
  • @Gary
    check this fellas craic.


    If beer is exposed to UV or blue-violet visible light, sulfur-containing isohumulone molecules in the hop oils will break down into sulfur-containing compounds that are also found in skunk spray. The beer becomes skunked and you can definitely smell it. Brown bottles offer more protection than green or clear bottles, but both can skunk in a matter of minutes if exposed to direct sun. Keep your beer in a cold, dark place. (Footnote: Ive read that Miller Genuine Draft, aka MGD, has synthetic hop oils that are skunk-proof, allowing them to use clear bottles with no risk.

    Beers with these hop oils in generally are mass produced fizzy nats piss. Avoid clear bottles. Also for a test buy some sol or carona and keep some in the fridge and put some in the sun for 30mins and see what happens to aroma and taste.
  • Good facts!

    Wasnt aware of the bubbles on the side of the glass but will take note next time Im in the pub with a bubbly beer
  • Gary, please read this: https://byo.com/stories/issue/item/2263-lightstrike-advanced-brewing
  • Torcam, why on earth do you think those temps are in F???? Theyre in centigrade otherwise you would not be able to hold onto the bottle of IPA at 5 degF/ -15degC lol. If your confused with the Gluhwein, its served warm in mugs at Xmas :)
    Paul Fossard08.08.2014
  • Oracle, most bars and restaurants have one cooler they are serving beer from. No doubt they almost all serve domestic lagers which must be ice cold. As a result, all beers are served ice cold and usually at the same pressure. Its unfortunate but part of beer life.
  • Interesting to see Tokyo* listed at 18.2%, I thought it had been reformulated to be slightly lower?
    Ben Franklin08.08.2014
  • Well, brewdog sells beer in green bottles (Abstrakt, TNP, STB) too...
  • Gary, skunking is most definitely a thing, and not a pleasant one at that.
  • @Gary: I dont agree. Clear or green bottles mostly contain ruined beer. I once compared the Old Speckled Hen canned and bottled in a clear bottle. Oh my. And most people dont even seem to know this, so no, its not overstated in my opinion.
  • I agree with the temperature but every brewdog bar I have been in has served stouts and Porters ice cold.
    Can this be addressed?
  • @Gary: UV breaks down pretty much everything. The university of Ghent studied this problem and for a reason.
  • Unless theyve changed the law and Ive missed it, isnt Nanny State a low Alcohol beer not Alcohol free?
  • I take it you put the temperatures in degrees F, why?
  • Why is Glühwein on the list? Thats a wine not a beer. Do you mean Glühbier?
  • @Gary its not a myth, had plenty of skunked beers out of green and even more in clear.
  • Good knowledge!
    Adam T08.08.2014
  • Can we put the UV skunking myth behind us? It seems to be getting fairly overstated.

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