Stone & Cambridge Collaboration Update

Stone & Cambridge Collaboration Update

I was in San Diego last Friday and I dropped by and hung out with the guys at Stone and checked up on the insane pilsner we brewed together back in late April:


 The beer should be being bottled in a weeks time after we decided to add even more dry hops. The beer was tasting great and I think we have ticked all the boxes in terms of style, impact and flavour profiles we boldly set out to accomplish. When I tasted the beer with Mitch Steele we decided to add even more Sorachi Ace as dry hops. Mitch told his team to add Stone's entire stock of Sorachi Ace to the already hopped to hell black pilsner. We are getting a little amount shipped over to the UK and there it will eventually be available on our website.

Another unexpected treat while I was at Stone was getting the chance to taste their 13th Anniversary Ale straight off the bottling line. Inadvertently I timed my visit pretty well! This is a sensational Imperial Red which is mind-blowingly hoppy and absolutely delicious. The most impressive beer I have tasted in a long time.


The word on the street is that Stone are visiting BrewDog for some more collaborative brewing in late July, watch this space! 


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  • Same here, this sounds like a winner.
  • Great news, i cant wait to try this stuff. And stone coming back over here can only be a good thing.

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