Behold the Punk 4 Pack

Behold the Punk 4 Pack

Back in March we asked you guys if a BrewDog 4 pack would be a good idea.

You said yes (emphatically) and like the democratic bunch of scamps we are, we acted on the landslide result. You said yes, as did Tesco!

Look out for the Punk 4 pack on shelves nationwide from mid August.


Our 4 packs differ from the monolithic corporate brewers 4 packs in the same way our beer does. Our 4 packs are hand assembled, hand stapled and hand packed with care, love and attention. We put them together with the same hands-on approach we have with brewing our beers.


Just remember when you pick one up, it was packed by Brian, Ian or Wilson whilst they were signing along to the radio.



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  • I have to get me some Tokyo, asap.
    Rob H28.07.2009
  • Are they available anywhere other than Tesco? I prefer not to shop at that evil monopolist - the InBev of supermarkets.
  • Win in every possible way. I think sales in the supermarkets will now increase alot.
  • Look wicked. They would look better in my fridge. They will be the coolest 4 pack on the shelf. Do you know how much they will cost?
    Simon P21.07.2009

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