5am Saint

5am Saint

I can see it already..........

Dear Mr Watt,

This beer encourages people to get out of bed dangerously early. Or perhaps, even worse, gives a veil of transparent legitimacy to them staying up far too late.

This is in clear violation of section 3.2(b) of the Code of Practice which states: 'A drink's packaging, especially one from BrewDog, should not in any way suggest any association with early morning starts or late night escapades. It has been scientifically proven that waking up at 5am will systematically lead to the downfall of Western civilisation and the blame for any such happenings has to be firmly attributed to BrewDog.'

5am Saint will now be investigated and considered by the Panel.

Yours gratefully



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  • Tried this on draught in the always excellent Bow Bar a couple of months back but alas it was right at the end of the cask so only got to taste a couple of decent mouthfuls. Seem to remember lots of big citrus hops on the nose (mango?) looking forward to a proper measure...
    G Dunbar21.08.2009
  • This stuff is excellent the aroma is really intence hoppy awsomeness, but the taste is far more balanced and its stupidly drinkable.
  • Having woken up at 5am today(the first day of my holiday) I completely blame this beer and call for a total, worlwide outpouring(into glasses) DRINK IT, IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO STAY ON THE SHELVES! ;)
    Glyn Roberts20.08.2009
  • Staying up till 5am is worse than getting up at 5am? You are a laugh Mr Watt. I have a soft spot for Golum, I think you are being unfair to the poor creature lumping him with this lot, even if the likeness is spooky.
    Woolpack Dave20.08.2009

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