BrewDog under attack on More 4 News

A live TV news interview for a leading new show.

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  • Id describe a vindaloo as having an agressive flavour, but no-ones suggesting that eating a hot curry would incite anti-social behaviour. Perhaps the portman group could publish a list of words that it considers offensive and we can have all the books that contain those words removed from libraries because were incapable of approaching our own language with any degree of common sense.
    Duncan Lacey19.08.2008
  • Most of Europe drinks higher strength stuff than we do but, unlike us, they drink it because they appreciate the taste. Mr Watt put his point across very well, sadly the presenter thought he could win the argument by talking over him and quoting random media hysteria.
    J Murray16.08.2008
  • Oh my god. What a stupid presenter. He announces with outrage that your beer is marketed as aggressive but doesnt even want to hear what is meant by that. How dare more More 4 attack a small, well intentioned brewery like that? They should be talking to the makers of those extra strength lagers that the tramps drink.
    Tim Henry16.08.2008
  • Could not have put it better myself. Well played indeed Mr Watt :)
    G Dunbar06.08.2008

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