Who is your Nanny?

Who is your Nanny?

BrewDog responds to Tokyo* witch hunt with new beer – 1.1% Nanny State …

BrewDog, the UK's hardcore craft brewer, has launched a 1.1% beer called Nanny State in direct response to the outcry caused last month after launching Tokyo*, the UK’s strongest beer at 18.2% ABV. 

The brewery has come under fire from Members of the Scottish Parliament and the Portman Group – who have both commenced official movements to ban the sale of Tokyo* in the UK and  BrewDog want to get their point across the way they know best – beer. 

Through Nanny State, the founders of BrewDog, James Watt and Martin Dickie want to prove they’re committed to making the highest quality hand crafted ales full of flavour with contemporary innovative twists – no matter what the ABV.

BrewDog founder James Watt has written on his blog: “Anyone who knows BrewDog, knows beer, or anyone has more common sense than a common (or garden) gnome will know that the scathing and unrelenting criticism we faced was pretty unjustified.

“If logic serves the same people who witch-hunted and publicly slated us should now offer us heartfelt support and public congratulations. However I fear that this, unfortunately, is an arena devoid of logic and reason.”


Nanny State is mild imperial ale containing more hops per barrel than any other beer ever brewed in the UK. It is an extraordinary little ale jammed full of all the brewer’s favorite hops giving it as much body and mouthy feel as possible, ensuring that low strength does not translate into reduced flavour.

Nanny State, takes the low ABV hop-bomb concept to the next level and is so low in alcohol it is below the legal classification of beer and not strong enough to be subject to beer duty. We believe we have created a new beer category - The Imperial Mild - with Nanny State and How to Disappear Completely.

However Alcohol Aware again branded BrewDog 'deluded'. Jack Law, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said of the new Nanny State beer: "the name of the beer proves that once again this company is failing to acknowledge the seriousness of the alcohol problem facing Scotland."

I guess you really just can't win with some people.

Nanny State is available now in limited quantities online at www.brewdog.com in cask and bottles for £2.49.

You can buy some here: http://www.brewdog.com/product.php?id=35 

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  • Wish I could try some.
    John Feeney02.10.2009
  • Last night i was in the centre page at st pauls, which is located directly under the portman groups head office. It was a friends birthday and i brought him a bottle of tokyo. They would have been punching themselves to know that someone was drinking one soo close to thier heart!
  • I think you may enjoy www.nannyknowsbest.com
    ken frost01.10.2009
  • The Rake is going to have Nanny State Night very soon, watch out for it!
    Glyn Roberts30.09.2009
  • You subversive bloody geniuses! Quite simply the best cheeky swipe at anything ever, not only do I doff my cap to you but thrust money eagerly toward you in exchange for the joy you have bought me today. My order is placed!
    Dan Massey30.09.2009
  • Brilliant. It is time PC brigade had it poked back into them. I am sure there are other products out there that could also carry the Nanny State tag. Common Sense rules.
  • Concur with everything and that, but... If you are not having to pay Customs & Excise, then how comes you are charging so much for it? I know the cost of the hops is a big factor in the price of a beer but could not that saving on duty be passed onto us, the loyal customer?
  • Man that some increadable package of flavour. Actually really reminded me of the How to Dissapear Completly. Intence. At first i thought the hop bitterness was gonna make it difficult to finish but i went down pretty easy. Though the bitterness was a pit too much for me
    craig garvie29.09.2009
  • Everyday I read about my brothers across the pond accepting more and more and more Nanny State regulations. Its great to see a few freedomlovers, and Im excited to try your beer once it reaches me in the states. Cheers Cowlesy
  • Power to the brewers! Stay strong brothers (and sisters).
  • Excellent work guys, and good publicity too. I shall look to spend my pounds on your products simply because you have the balls to stand up to this authoritarian bunch of cranks.
    Mark Hendy29.09.2009
  • Excellent idea, ! Loved the site too. funky
  • They are falling over themselves to complain about BrewDog but the entire country seems happy enough to drown itself in Tennents Extra of an evening. Hypocrisy much?! Sod the lot of them and keep up the good work.
  • Nothing will come of this desparate moralising finger pointing; everyone with any common sense is on the side of Brewdog. Though I think its a shame that CAMRA have been pretty quiet on this issue; its exactly the kind of thing they should be making their voice heard about to show that theyre still relevant. There is an excellent article by Pete Brown which, though its directed at one specific article in the Independant, the article is a prime example of this inconsistent, hypocritical view held by BrewDogs detractors. linkssss: http://petebrown.blogspot.com/2009/03/national-newspaper-in-anti-beer-bias.html
    Gareth Young29.09.2009
  • What do they not understand about BrewDog being a company that profits from selling alcohol. It is not their problem people abuse it. Through this incident I have gained great respect for James Watt and BrewDog. You guys dont happen to ship to Canada would you? I would kill a 1000 men for a bottle Tokyo over here. I love the design of your website. If I am ever in the UK, your beers will be the first thing I buy getting off the plane!
  • Bravo! Keep the name!
    John Hardin29.09.2009
  • You guys are absolutely amazing, this made my day.. nice one!
  • Drat! I read the article from another news source.. Felt compelled to check out the site.. Great design by the way.. But, I was disappointed when I found out you where all out of the Tokyo beer.. I was going to try to get the Spirit shop down the street from me to order some in. Do you guys distribute to the USA? Please let me know you have my email.
  • Any idea where i`m likely to find it on cask in Glasgow?
    vittorio, therinkery.blogspot.com28.09.2009
  • I will take a cask for 2.49!!
  • Lookin forward to good things from you guys. More beer , more alcohol, and less b*llshit from sobriety brigade
  • so much looking forward to this in cask later in the week. Think its gonna have to go some to top the Edge but its gonna be fun to find out
    craig garvie28.09.2009
  • Go for it guys - this is hilarious. These people have no sense of humour. S.
    Steven Hoy28.09.2009

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