Equity for Punks

Equity for Punks

Ever wished you owned your own brewery?

Want to know what it is like to buy your own beer in a shop?

Want to know what is feels like to order a round of your own beer for your mates in the bar?

Want a lifetime 20% discount on our online store?

Want to own a piece of an awesome energy self sufficient brewery?

Want to literally become better off financially with every beer you drink?



In typically innovative BrewDog style, we are offering you the chance to officially join the team and own part of our company, our brewery and our beers. Welcome to Equity for Punks.

We are looking for 10,000 BrewDog loving individuals to purchase shares in our company. This is your chance to buy into the BrewDog dream and share in our vision.

We believe the best way to further the growth of BrewDog is to ask you, the people who enjoy our beers, to be involved in BrewDog's future.

By investing in BrewDog when we are just two years old, you will not only be involved in our future successes and long term growth but also have a great time owning a share in a fast-moving, fun-loving and dynamic young business.

BrewDog is redefining the UK beer scene, your share will buy you a piece of the Company.

BrewDog is about breaking rules, taking risks, upsetting trends and unsettling instituions but first and foremost, great tasting beer.

Come and join us on a journey..




A note on Valuation of BrewDog


Putting a value on a successful young brand, especially one growing this fast is notoriously difficult. Our most valuable assets - the brand itself and the people behind it are not shown anywhere in our accounts. We want people to buy into our journey and our vision. Look at where we have taken BrewDog in 2 years and imagine where we can be in a further 3.  As well as Martin and James, you will also be investing in the skill and experience of Keith Greggor and Tony Foglio http://www.brewdog.com/news.php Their last brand, Skyy Vodka is now a $1billion plus brand (yes billion!). Just imagine what they can help BrewDog achieve. This is a journey and a future we want you to be part of.


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  • This d interest me more if you got free postage from the brewdog shop & the shop was actually fully stocked. Most of the time only Punk IPA is available which I can get from Tesco for 99p.
  • I am in guys! I like David Bald am a poor student also but give it a few days till pay day and Im in too! Will be great to be part of something like this!
    Michael Ironside21.10.2009
  • I like the idea of the brewery running on renewable energy - domestic brands and renewable energy just happen to be two of my favourite things (in terms of saving what little economic strength the UK has left).
  • A brilliant idea from the clever BrewDog boys. I sold my little sister on Ebay to buy more shares.
  • A fantastic idea - Im in! How about making some Brewdog merchandise available too?
  • wanting to come aboard, but being a poor student, ill have to secure some finances first......or just not eat for a month, worth it though!
    David Bald20.10.2009
  • Gutsy move. I like it.
    Russ Garrett20.10.2009
  • All done! Look forward to where BrewDog goes now!
  • I am all signed up (I bought 2 shares). Awesome idea guys - I love it! I am a BrewDog :)
  • I am in guys. Lets change the industry for the better forever.

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