Today, we bought a bar

Today, we bought a bar

Today, we finalised a deal to purchase a bar in Aberdeen.

Perhaps it does not look like much at the moment, as nice as a run-down old pub can look. This, however is all going start changing very soon.  

This is going to be home of the very first BrewDog brew-pub. Blending punk-rock, utilitarianism and philosophy, the BrewDog Bar will be exciting imaginations from February 2010.

The new Brew-Pub will only serve BrewDog beers and will have some amazing snacks specially designed to complement our hardcore beers. Speciality beers will be brewed on site and the venue will be host to plenty of beer events including tastings, beer and food pairings and open brewing days.

This is another compelling reason to invest in BrewDog – you can do so at www.equityforpunks.com

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  • Excellent news. When are you going to be looking for bar staff? :D
  • Looking forward to this greatly :)
    PK Barackis06.11.2009
  • Nice one! Ive not drank in there for over 12 years when I was at college!
  • Just make sure punk rock is playing from the speakers and I look forward to having a pint when I visit the family up in Buchan next year. Having been a punk since 1979 I can advise on the music if you like!!
    Alan Robertson29.10.2009
  • Had 5 years in Aberdeen in late 80s/early 90s where were you then. Could hardly be further away now :-(
    Graeme Wood29.10.2009
  • Can not wait!!! We serve all of your products in cask across the pond. How about an invite to opening night.
    Ron Nelson The Pub Group US29.10.2009
  • even the staff in my Belmont st local are excited about this. My birthdays in deb. Taking bookings? Mon the brewdog
    i look like bruce willis29.10.2009
  • Its at the wrong end of the country!
  • Oh, and how about a pinball machine? No pubs have pinball machines anymore...
    G Dunbat29.10.2009
  • Good show BrewDog! I had heard rumours that this was on the cards. I can see my trips home increasing in frequency over the next year...
    G Dunbar29.10.2009
  • Excellent! I remember (i think) getting weel blootered in the Marischal way back in my Uni days... now I will have 2 fave pubs within crawling distance of each other. A very sound investment chaps!
  • Excellent! I have bought my beer-loving Dad a share for his Christmas, cant wait to tell him he owns a Brewery AND a pub! Surely this is the best Christmas present ever?!
  • Excellent - hmmm... I now live in Manchester. Taxi!!
  • can my band play here? we are well good. laterz
    Gogs Milne28.10.2009
  • canny wait to try the beers in there!
  • Will you be serving mojitos and woowoo cocktails?
    Liam Tree Syme28.10.2009
  • This is great news. Will have to increase the Aberdeen jaunts big time next year. Good luck
    Chris Hammond28.10.2009
  • hurrah!! sure to be a fine addition to aberdeens drinking establishments.
    David Officer28.10.2009
  • Excellent, excellent news. I have found me a new local. And stick my name down for the darts team.......
    Chris Watt28.10.2009
  • Well done guys..hopefully there will be a sexy barmaid...another good reason for come back for a visit to my friends!!
  • Good point Ben, brewdog darts team???!
    jamie cowie28.10.2009
  • great news guys!
  • what an utterly brilliant idea, please please please get a TV for fitba!
    Jamie Cowie28.10.2009
  • That is fantastic news! The other pubs in Aberdeen have about three months to enjoy my custom and then they will never see me again!
  • looking for a sous chef?
    ian durrant28.10.2009
  • A brew-pub! Thats a surprise I wasnt expecting. Terrific!
  • Nice work guys! I used to work as a cellarman at the Abdn Union - was wondering who would take the bar. Will there be darts?
  • Fantastic! A holiday to Aberdeen is definitely on the cards come next year (with hopefully a visit to your brewery too). See, now you can quote us to show the council the beneficial effect you are going to be having on the local economy ;-)
  • Cool, wondered what was going to happen to that place.
  • With the eco brewery and a brew pub you really are starting to tempt me for a holiday in Aberdeenshire chaps!
    Mark, Real-Ale-Reviews.com28.10.2009
  • Awesome news guys. I am sure it will be a great place to go. Equity for Punks is looking better by the day!
  • Superb! Next to the old Union.
    Gary Sutherland28.10.2009

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