Punk IPA t-shirts go live

Punk IPA t-shirts go live

Our awesome new Punk IPA t-shirts are now live. These are great quality t-shirts. At BrewDog we do not want to put our logo on rubbish promotional t-shirts where the best possible out-come is that they may make a passable pyjama. Our attitude of never compromising on quality extends to everything we do, including our hardcore new t-shirts.


The t-shirts were designed by the amazingly talented Heather Brennan who was also the genius behind the zeitgeist branding. You can see more of Heather's work here: http://heatherbrennan.carbonmade.com amd here zeitgeist stuff here: www.zeitgeistbeer.com


Direct from the artist, here is Heather’s science behind the art: ‘I researched the origins of Indian Pale Ale and it's connection with The East Indian trading company in the 1800s. I then looked at the punk culture and usage of skulls from that region and time period. I decide to depict the Hindu god ganesh and in-circled in a snake skeleton, which is called Oroboros a symbol for infinity. The artwork, like the beer, is taking IPA right back to its roots, with a punk edge thrown in for good measure’.


We have 3 different colours available, you can buy yours here: http://www.brewdog.com/product.php?id=45

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  • Agree, smaller sizes please! Girls drink your beer too
  • Definitely need a medium size . . . my gut is still relatively under control. For now.
    Chris Thomson02.12.2009
  • Would love to see some of Johannas designs on a t-shirt
  • Where in россии to buy your beer?
  • what chest sizes are the L and XL t-shirts?
    John Hawthorn27.11.2009
  • Looks stupidly close to the All Saints logo (ram skull inside ribbed circle). In fact, it looks very like the All Saints logo turned upside down. And i thought you folks were supposed to be original ?
    Robert Wright27.11.2009
  • Thing is though James, white t-shirts are destined to be worn once, then left sulking in the laundry basket for ever more. We need XL in the dark colours
    Jon Gilbert27.11.2009
  • Get smaller sizes!
  • Erick - yes we can email angela@brewdog.com and she will sort it out for you.
    James, BrewDog26.11.2009
  • I would love to buy one, but... the shipping prices to the netherlands are amazing. Cant you just rol one in an enveloppe and sent it over?
  • get smaller sizes! some beer drinkers (nae many though!) are under 10 stone!!!
    Jamie Cowie26.11.2009
  • They are awesome!
  • Tidy. That is all.
  • We also have XL Jon.
    James, BrewDog25.11.2009
  • Get bigger sizes! Beer drinkers dont wear a large!
    Jon Gilbert25.11.2009

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