Caption Competition 7: Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Caption Competition 7: Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Win a bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and a Punk IPA T-shirt delivered direct to your door!

If you need some inspiration here is the video of how the beer was made:


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  • Warning: This is not a short-legged flightless bird with webbed feet and wings modified as flippers.
    Paul Salmon11.01.2010
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguin - The titanic strength beer that isnt afraid of icebergs.
    Alan Taylor04.01.2010
  • The other 3 always knew dad had a favourite - he was always allowed out at night.
    Alan Gibson04.01.2010
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguin - Outright winner in the cold war.
    paul ashby02.01.2010
  • Buy a bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin from the BrewDog shop soon: stocks are already severely depleted! (Warning: TNP may cause radiation sickness in large quantities)
    Chris Flaherty22.12.2009
  • Rise of the Penguins
    carlos thomas22.12.2009
  • Penguin did not understand the fuss about Twitter and just wanted to hack the f*cking Pentagon.
    Mark Connelly17.12.2009
  • Never tell a penguin he can not fly, for he will throw on his best tuxedo, get a flock of his friends, hijack your private jet while his buddies distract you with silly penguin tricks, and drop a tactical nuclear weapon on your sorry ass, all while sipping a fine stout and defiantly flipping you the bird.
    Katie Pizzuto17.12.2009
  • The bosses at brew dog were hoping after 3 bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin people would not realise they had mistakenly ordered a crow costume.
    Frederick Toon17.12.2009
  • Having been abused by humans, this flightless bird decided to fly some nukes their way.
    michael Reinhardt15.12.2009
  • Hmmm.....these internet dating sites gives a whole new meaning to the phrase p-p-p-pick up a penguin!
    Alan Robertson15.12.2009
  • Mactical, Tactical, & Fantastical.
    michael Reinhardt14.12.2009
  • After drinking three TNPs in rapid succession, Dave frantically searched NHS Direct for a cure for Penguin Mutation Syndrome...
    Chris Jones12.12.2009
  • Pingu was desperate to find someone who would deliver a bottle opener before Christmas.
    Shizuka Ikeda11.12.2009
  • Because it was Christmas Pingu was on the computer planning a stealth attack on James and Martins adversaries hoping they would go cold turkey by use of tactical nuclear beers and a semi-automatic trifle.
    John C. Robertson11.12.2009
  • Deer, Santa, sorry I mean Rudolph and Santa .I have been a very good penguin this year and would like a beer and a few more beers with maybe some extra beers thrown in for good measure. Lots of love ,Pingu XX
    Fluff stuff11.12.2009
  • Skipper of the Madagascar Penguins used the world wide web to launch a tactical nuclear strike against the Portman group.
    Fluff stuff11.12.2009
  • James and Martin were getting a bit cheesed with the evil Portman group so they asked the Madigascar Penguins explosives expert to help them out.
    John C. Robertson11.12.2009
  • p-p-p-pick up a penquin...? god, i need three bottles to blot out the memory of my youth and those bloody chocolate biscuits...
    Lloyd Chambers11.12.2009
  • What to call it? Tactical Nuclear Bottle Bomb? Nah, better make it catchy.
    David G11.12.2009
  • No one could quite understand why he was wearing a blackbird costume to advertise Tactical Nuclear Penguin. But with three nukeís in full view on the table, ready to explode, no one dare ask.
    Bryan Spooner11.12.2009
  • DO NOT update your facebook status after a drinking a TNP. (Otherwise you will have to put on a penguin suit and hide in a waddle of penguins for protection from ridicule)
  • An apple (mac) and a beer a day keeps the frostbite away.
    Pete Di-Murro09.12.2009
  • As black as the driven snow!
    Peter Di-Murro09.12.2009
  • After three of these you too will be out cold like me...
    Pasi Aapala09.12.2009
  • Frantically searching for refridgerators, Pingu knew it was only a matter of time before his T.N.Ps EXPLODED. One was already smoking.
    Danny J08.12.2009
  • The Artic is melting, Humans have gone too far. Now the penguins will avenge the agony of their land sending this weapon of mass destruction to civilization. The end is near...
    Hugo Arasanz08.12.2009
  • The Penguin was just about to settle down for the night with a bottle or two of Tactical Nuclear Penguin (cause everyone knows Penguins have a far higher tolerance of alcohol) when he noticed that someone had disagreed with him online. He put his glass down and furrowed his brow, this was unacceptable...
    Sam Rodwell08.12.2009
  • getting fed up with the penguin porn, moved on to looking at the polar bare.
    phil dalgleish08.12.2009
  • The real source of those Nigerian spam emails is revealed...
  • The Artic is melting, Humans have gone too far. Now the penguins will avenge the agony of their land sending this weapon of mass destruction to civilization. The end is near...
    Hugo Arasanz08.12.2009
  • short, Stout, dark, attractive fun loving, and tasty..... The dating agencey results were not quite what Penguin was expecting.
    fred toon08.12.2009
  • Man, there are far too many entries. Waddle I do to stand out?
  • Great to share? Shame the labelling means its not available in the colonies...
    Stuart Last One Reekie07.12.2009
  • After half a glass of this stuff, *I* would believe I could fly!!
    Stuart Reekie07.12.2009
  • The bastards couldve offered me a straw....
    Stuart Reekie07.12.2009
  • Calling International Rescue. Help my zips broken and I am bursting for a piss.
    fluff stuff07.12.2009
  • Cant fly, only levitate
    Andrey K07.12.2009
  • When the Tactical Nuclear Penguin when Rogue Brewdog released there new beer Shark, to try and contain the Issue.
    craig garvie07.12.2009
  • Little did he know that internet predators were far more dangerous than the sharks from his past.
    Regan Marshall07.12.2009
  • A tactical nuclear penguin may not be able to fly but this is 32% proof they can surf
    Mark Rollason07.12.2009
  • The Penguin searched for an arms dealer to sell the Tactical Nuclear Penguin too. On eBay he found the White Bear. Now they are friends and plan to stick it to the Man.
  • This is not just a penguin... This is a Tactical Nuclear Penguin
    Euan Kennedy06.12.2009
  • The penguin was so caught up in his game that he forgot to drink his beer...
  • Right, now all I need is some fingers...
    David Smith06.12.2009
  • Penis enlarger? nice, im so clicking yes
    Jordan Fetfatzes06.12.2009
  • Dear Brewdog, The beer arrived, and tastes wonderful. However, I think you may need to add a side-effects section to the label.
  • If i keep staring at it long enough it might do something!
    jim donoghue05.12.2009
  • Mr Penguin was getting weary thinking of a way to reword, if you thought our 18 percent beer was bad, wait till you get a hold of this one Portman Groups Code of Practice!
    Si Fraser05.12.2009
  • Brewdog save the day once more with their revolutionary Home Guard.
    Ben Topping05.12.2009
  • Tomorrow I will stop drinking...
    peter the great drunk05.12.2009
  • too much Brewdog may have been the reason Linux sales always suffered behind Windows...
  • They say 100 chimps with 100 typewriters can produce Shakespeare. Who knew that one penguin with one macbook could lose all of Brew Dogs assets to an African Prince.
    Jared Hamilton05.12.2009
  • Cold my ass , this beer is just cool .
    Ron Olding05.12.2009
  • What are we going to to do tonight Pengy? Were going to do what we do everynite Pingu, try and take over the world!!!
  • Why do i always have a look of constipation upon my face?
    Ryan Maines05.12.2009
  • FT Tactical Nuclear Penguin ISO Bruery Black Tuesday
    John Golden05.12.2009
  • What`s the matter stout boy, afraid you might taste something?
    Toby Darling05.12.2009
  • Heh. They say everything is bigger in Texas.
    Big Tex05.12.2009
  • Apple Macbook Pro - £1,849.00 Tactical Nuclear Penguin - £35.00 Badtz Maru caught masturbating - Priceless
    Matt Stark04.12.2009
  • after his 8th sip, penguin started to think Anne Widdicombe was worth a shag
    david creighton04.12.2009
  • Yes, finally a beer named after me! -TNP
    Chad Montgomery04.12.2009
  • Weather outlook for all Pumans: Thirty-two outside, Thirty-Two beside.
    Michael Reinhardt04.12.2009
  • gerai kerta i kausa
  • Tactical nuclear penguin tastes so good the penguins want it back!
    Christian Saint04.12.2009
  • Macs: So cool even the Linux Penguin uses one.
  • I can sadly report theres no big deal with this TNP stuff. Portman - dont waste your time. Ive been sipping it all afternoon and feel as healthy a dog now as this morning.
  • Why? Cause we CAN!
    Simply Beer04.12.2009
  • Brewdog master spy Pen Guin finds proof of Irans Nuclear Capibilities.
    kenneth wilkinson04.12.2009
  • ..got on the suit, the glasses, scooped the TNP .. but no, I still cant see the 3D!
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguin....Truly Near Perfection.....but,...neads more Fish!
    Jim Alexander04.12.2009
  • Even ugly birds start to look good after a bottle of this stuff
    John C. Robertson04.12.2009
  • Osama bin Penguin was plotting ways to defeat the evil Portman empire by using his stealth secret weapons of mass intoxication.
    John C. Robertson04.12.2009
  • Footage obtained by Her Majestys Secret service confirm the rumours that the UK was about to enter a new cold war.
    Lawrence Browne04.12.2009
  • stop this white stuff! Black is an essence of cold! Go for the black side of drinking!
  • ~......likes; swimming, fishing & micro-lights, W.T.M. like-minded for TNP & maybe more!~ Te He - another one for the cellar..ho ho ho..
  • Penguin in Threat of Nuclear attack . So decides to line them up .....
    Dave Hardcastle04.12.2009
  • Dear Portman Group...
  • Mac release new MacBook micro, advertised as being: Smaller than a penguin!
  • Once iv drank all 3 of these im going to glass myself.
  • How do I have a full glass, yet none of my bottles of beer are open? TNP, things arenít always as they may first appear.
    Bryan Spooner04.12.2009
  • TNP,Total Neverending Pleasure
    mark donnelly04.12.2009
  • A penguin with three nukes at the helm -- safer than most legislation.
    Andrea Reinhardt04.12.2009
  • Im a Mac and i drink craft beer.
    Ryan Maines04.12.2009
  • Single male penguin seeks friend for Plutonic relationship.
  • All you need for a nuclear winter! Good work guys keep it up :)
  • The beer sat forgotten, as he stumbled across furry sites and a whole new world opened up.
  • Dear Portman Group, If I am so ruddy irresponsible, how come I know how to send emails and that!? My chum Sid the Cheap Cider Snake is outside stealing a traffic cone, go grouch at him instead! Yours TNP
  • if this is the result of a few lads with too much time and too much money on there hands , me thinks this should happen more often!!!! viva la penguin!
    John fay03.12.2009
  • Beer, penguins and a Mac. I thought I had seen everything on the internet, but I suppose Rule 34 strikes again.
    Colin Venters03.12.2009
  • Jesus Christ one bottle and i am Donald Duck
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguin ........ Truly, Near PERFECTION!
    Jim Alexander03.12.2009
  • I hate caption competitions on the interweb. But I really need a T-shirt, so cold. hhmmm, maybe a few of these will help me think of something witty and interesting.
    Bryan Spooner03.12.2009
  • Now how do you get Club Penguin on this thing?
    Jim Liebnitz03.12.2009
  • Oh my God. He outbid me.
    Gareth Young03.12.2009
  • Sort out these melting polar ice caps NOW or I will press the big red button!
  • It is better for a penguin that he drink and surf.
    michael Reinhardt03.12.2009
  • http://thankheavenforbeer.com/2009/12/03/roger-protz-gets-it-wrong-an-argument-of-assumptions-and-insult/
    michael Reinhardt03.12.2009
  • I just did a write up to defend what you are doing against Roger Protz, maybe that is worth a bottle...although I did not write with that purpose in mind. thankheavenforbeer
    Michael Reinhardt03.12.2009
  • Parental powers prevent penguin porn playing. Penguins peeved.
    Lindsey C03.12.2009
  • Next person who asks if I use the same barber as Bart Simpson will become intimate with my rage. TNP - Take No Prisoners
    Toby Darling03.12.2009
  • Finally the government figured it all out, it was that dangerous new brewery who had made Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot the creature he is today. With tactical nuclear methods the Brewdogs had created a dangerous supervillain-beer.
    Erik H03.12.2009
  • Poogling for a higher cause.
    Jason Keith McCoy03.12.2009
  • P-P-P-Pick up a penguin off the floor after one of these!
    Andrew Montgomery03.12.2009
  • F5 is not the only way to refresh!
    Andrew Montgomery03.12.2009
  • Iced Iced Babies....
    Andrew Montgomery03.12.2009
  • luckily for penguin he had a few bottles of T.N.P. left cos there was nothing left in the brewdog shop!!!!
    tony killeen03.12.2009
  • Pick up a Penguin on the brand new online dating site!
    Dan weston03.12.2009
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguin - this photo makes no sense, and neither should you.
    Ian Lunderskov03.12.2009
  • his search history will be just hilarious tomorrow...
    john tague03.12.2009
  • after the third bottle penguin did not care about the melting ice caps.
  • Shall we play a game? Yes. How about Tactical Nuclear Penguin?
    Derek Freese03.12.2009
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguin - because we live in a cold, cruel, delicious world.
    Ben Wideman03.12.2009
  • BrewDog Penguin is planning his next attack against his nemesis - Portman Polar Bear
    Joe Clark03.12.2009
  • I spend a lot of money in beers, fishes and ice...the rest I just squandered...
  • take 1 golfer, 1 blond, 1 cadillac, a 3 iron and a bottle of TNP.....mix well and stand clear!!!!!
    bob farmer03.12.2009
  • 15 inch Macbook Pro = £1300.00 3 bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin = £ 105.00 1 Penguin Suit Hire = £ 50.00 Photo of you you from the office party = priceless
    Blair Wilgus03.12.2009
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguin: Turning regular people into penguin furries since 2009.
    Hilary Smith03.12.2009
  • After three bottles of TNP no matter how hardcore the website Punky Penguins hair was the only thing that would stay upright
    Nick Sweetman03.12.2009
  • This is your last chance Mr. President... 5,000,000 dollars or I release the penguins!!
    Ethan Rusin03.12.2009
  • This is relevant to my interests...
  • Lets see how many bottles it takes till I can understand what Pingu is saying...
    Peter Kindness03.12.2009
  • Need to chill out after a busy day at work? There is a beer for that
    Steven Pilkington03.12.2009
  • Im not sure if its me or the beer but that lady penguin is hawt!
    Ben Johnson03.12.2009
  • No Penguins (or apples) were harmed during the making of this picture.
  • A little bird told me that the anti-nuclear brigade have turned up the heat again.
    Alan Taylor03.12.2009
  • ..there were three (pen)guin bottles sitting on a wall. And if one of those bottles, was electronically sold...there would be two (pen)guin bottles sitting on the wall.
    Danny J03.12.2009
  • It wont just be penguins igloo-ed off their nut
    andrew snedden03.12.2009
  • Tom in Accounts sometimes took dress-down Friday a step too far
  • bitches flew me all the way over to Scotland to help make their beer and wont cough up for flights back? Meh, at least they have Happy Feet on DVD.
    Chris Milton03.12.2009
  • Am I drunk or has Pingu just had a stroke?!
    Peter Kindness03.12.2009
  • Brians sadistic ex got her last revenge - him in a penguin suit, with great beer, a Mac, and a freshly poured glass - and no hands to use any of it!! Perfect!
    Lisa Rafferty03.12.2009
  • The morning after he realised with a grim look of embarrassment that he had not only left some beer untouched while trying to groom sea birds in his new disguise....he was using a Mac!
    Jamie Sanderson03.12.2009
  • After a hard day of spam emailing The Portland Group and finding out he the first to have his internet cut off under Manny new rules, TNP like nothing better then kicking back and drinking a few Tactical Nuclear Penguin brew
    Stewart Daniels03.12.2009
  • ...the value of the item is in the collectible container, not its contents...
    Geoff Coleman03.12.2009
  • Co-ordinates set. Launch codes accepted. Launch Tactical Nuclear Penguin in 3...2...1...
    Steve Armstrong03.12.2009
  • All that time in casks and freezers, damn right Im dedicated, but all I get is this suit?! eBay...
    Graham M.03.12.2009
  • Dear Mr. Brown and Parliament, Myself and the rest of the Brewdog team would like to see you attempt to file a motion against a penguin. Regards, Tactical Nuclear Penguin
  • As he struggled for inspiration in the caption competition the penguin thought a few bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin would get the creative juices flowing.
  • How can I get this beer in Romania? Seriously.
    Claudiu Berbece03.12.2009
  • Chief Penguin drowns his sorrows after stumbling across a rather frosty article about Tokyo.
    Anna Hitchcock03.12.2009
  • Remember, kids: Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Internet browsing do not mix. Unless you wanted that picture of you with the goat you had made up like Lady Gaga to hit the photoblogs. In that case, go to town.
    Chris Hickey03.12.2009
  • As he watched them back on the internet, John regretted blacking up for the Kia Ora adverts in the eighties - too orangey for crows and far far too orangey for penguins.
    Stuart Mackinnon03.12.2009
  • There must be a cure for chilly willy on here somewhere!
    R J Tysoe03.12.2009
  • It seemed like a good idea...at the time
    James Finn03.12.2009
  • 2 girls 1 cup. really?
    George Olivos03.12.2009
  • Roger Protzs comments left Penguin feel cold.
    James Bendall03.12.2009
  • Even a pengiun can be too drunk to use his linuxshell
    karel de vlaming03.12.2009
  • I told them I couldnt tweet, but would they listen?
    James Allison03.12.2009
  • Dear Mr Nigerian Prince, do you accept fish?
  • I said get me a Penguin Costume ..... not a bloody blackbird one, the clus was in the name of the beer you fools.
    Fred Toon03.12.2009
  • Pingu had planned the perfect night in: a couple of beers and the chance to check out some chicks on the internet
  • Goddamn it, who made porn of me and out it on youtube!
    Chris Myers03.12.2009
  • right. bring on the polar bears.
    Tom Fyfe03.12.2009
  • The penguin was glued to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G57z5bmg3Kc and wondered if it was possible to to teach @brakenbrewdog to fetch and open beer!

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