Caption Competition 8: Punk IPA

Caption Competition 8: Punk IPA

Win a case of Punk IPA and a Punk T-shirt. We are going to use this photo as a new poster for 2010, if your caption is good enough it may even end up on the final poster!

Good Luck!punk_955

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  • ...madness? ...THIS - IS - PUNK!!!
  • if i said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me
    paul noonan24.01.2010
  • the punk yard dog
    phil dalgleish23.01.2010
  • Smashing
    Steven Wardell21.01.2010
    G Dunbar17.01.2010
  • 99 bottles of beer on the wall? 100 PUNK IPAs Rule!
    Mike Harbin17.01.2010
  • Showing leadership on best practice - as requested by the Portman Group
    Steven Wardell16.01.2010
  • Another round?
    Steven Wardell16.01.2010
    Troy Frame13.01.2010
    Troy Frame13.01.2010
  • It`s just three chords and the taste
    Euan Duthie13.01.2010
  • Nothing Else Matters.
    Steven Wardell13.01.2010
  • The Hounds Of Hell Are Calling
    Steven Wardell13.01.2010
  • DroothBustinBrawTastingStoatinBeerGallusDrinkin - Brew Dog
    Jock Stewart13.01.2010
  • Will your taste buds be next?
    David Gilks08.01.2010
  • When its about the taste. Respect ....
    Larry Haac06.01.2010
  • Who shagged all the beer?
    Iain Louden06.01.2010
  • Last Man Standing.
    Richard Veitch06.01.2010
  • I`ll need a beer after all that.
    Duncan MacGregor05.01.2010
  • Alive and Angry
    Matt Taylor05.01.2010
  • Mums always right. Sometimes its just better to let things out.
    Alan Gibson04.01.2010
  • Try it - its smashing stuff!
    Alan Gibson04.01.2010
  • Punk IPA. Cocks its leg in the face of contenders!
    Drew Parkes30.12.2009
  • The last of the mohicans (Only available in high definition taste)
    Alan Taylor30.12.2009
  • Punk`s Iron Punch!
    Pete Di-Murro29.12.2009
  • Giant Killer
    Pete Di-Murro29.12.2009
  • Punk IPA - what most beer dreams of being when it grows up.
    Ben Wideman25.12.2009
  • 1. Punk IPA: Rebellion in a bottle. 2. Punk IPA: Leading a rebellion. 3. Punk IPA: A taste of rebellion. 4. Punk IPA: Taste the rebellion. 5. Punk IPA: Attitude in a bottle. 6. Punk IPA: Taste the attitude.
    Jason R25.12.2009
  • Punk IPA: Smoking the competition.
    Jason R25.12.2009
  • There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance. - Socrates
    Edward Patel24.12.2009
  • There can only be one...
  • punks not dead
    paul noonan24.12.2009
  • I will show you fear in a handful of broken bottles
    Gareth Young23.12.2009
  • You lined them up, it knocked them down!
    Xavier TANAZACQ23.12.2009
  • We are not gloating, but...ok, we are gloating.
  • Attitude IPA: There can be only one!
    Alex -S-23.12.2009
  • Some Stand on the Shoulders of Giants. We slay them.
    Ryan Cassady22.12.2009
  • Trance Formers: Flavour In Disguise
    Stuart Reekie22.12.2009
  • Top: YOU WIN. Bottom: 2010 IS THE YEAR OF THE PUNK.
    G Dunbar22.12.2009
  • Beverage Concern Punks Fuck Off
    Erik H22.12.2009
  • To stand tall in the wasteland it takes a little bottle and an awful lot of attitude.
    John C. Robertson22.12.2009
  • Truly Smashing Beer.
  • Punk-apocalypse: The end of bad taste and the rise of the Son of Brewdog
    Steven Kozlowski22.12.2009
  • How about - I have waited 4 weeks for my 5am saint delivery, so I will just have to drink this instead
    Kenny Birney22.12.2009
  • Win.
  • Revive your taste buds.
    Greg Hughes22.12.2009
  • Laying waste to mass market junk!... PUNK!
  • Destroyed their weapons of mass distraction and found the Smoking Gun, Punk!
  • Beer. It`s not all teenage wasteland.
    Toby Darling22.12.2009
  • Punk IPA...more then just competitive!
    Ollie T22.12.2009
  • Punk IPA...why bother with with anything else!
    Ollie T22.12.2009
  • They hadnt heard of it either
    Chris Mair22.12.2009
  • It is the curse of the victorious to have to walk over corpses.
    Gareth Young22.12.2009
  • You just gotta ask yourself one question: do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?!
    Gareth Young22.12.2009
  • Wanna hear the whole story: Brewdog.com
  • With Power, Comes Responsibility....... I think the Portman Group would be really pleased if you used that as an advertising slogan
    Chris Mair22.12.2009
  • Perfectly Untamed No respect Krass
    Charles May22.12.2009
  • You have been PUNKed!
    Anders Johansson22.12.2009
  • one beer to rule them all
    David Bald22.12.2009
  • Go ahead Punk make my day ......
    dave hardcasltle22.12.2009
  • Apocalypse Punk: I love the smell of bitter in the morning.
  • The Bitter End
    Patrick Andersson21.12.2009
  • Full of (s)Punk
    Andy Young21.12.2009
  • The new addition to the Scottish diet proved popular .....
    Dave Hardcastle21.12.2009
  • Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me. (er, this is a slogan suggestion, not a comment)
  • Its 2010: hover-cars and jetpacks didnt happen. Brewdog Punk IPA did. Youre welcome. (comments do not allow apostrophes, so typos are intentional!)
    Charles Bell21.12.2009
  • Recyle- drink another one.
    steve lerpiniere21.12.2009
  • Only one beer went over the top and survived.
    Glyn Roberts21.12.2009
  • Pale, but not weak
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • Its bites worse than its bark
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • IPAs not Dead!
  • The new flavour phenomenon: all other Ales, PALE into insignificance!
    David Blaikie21.12.2009
  • Craftily brewed...... with attitude
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • Brewed with attitude
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • those were meant to be 4 seperate suggestions but the formatting was lost upon hitting submit
    David Officer21.12.2009
  • Punk... enough said...
    jim liebnitz21.12.2009
  • Revolution Summer Punk as... Punk in Drublic I fought the beer
    David Officer21.12.2009
  • Carnageous!
    Jamie Birks21.12.2009
  • The King is dead! Long live the Punk!
  • Only Punk IPA has the strength to deal with Pale imitations
    ken wilkinson21.12.2009
  • Lager has a new enemy
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • Unleash your inner punk or Attitude unleashed
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • When other beers fall, the Punk stands tall....
    Dennis Flynn21.12.2009
  • Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference
    Mick Hynes21.12.2009
  • Its not a beer, its a way of life
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • The best always comes out on top.
    Gerry Kennedy21.12.2009
  • Punk IPA: The Amber Victor...
    Tim dawson21.12.2009
  • Like a mohican haircut. Brewdogs Punk IPA stands a head above the others.
    craig garvie21.12.2009
  • Contains no added attitude
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • Out of the darkness, comes light
    Chris Mair21.12.2009
  • The... nay, YOUR, Great Escape
    Sam Rodwell21.12.2009
  • Every Beer has its day. This one belongs to Punk IPA!
    Eddie Marshall21.12.2009
  • There was only ever going to be one winner when it came to going Overt Hop.
  • P Day has arrived! Bland beers will fall!!
    Eddie Marshall21.12.2009
  • punk on the piss!!
    craig whitwell21.12.2009
  • Not everyone can run with the big dogs
    Ethan Rusin21.12.2009
  • drink punk over junk drink
    christian shields21.12.2009
  • The Road to Heaven is Paved with Good Intentions.
    Tomas Nihlén21.12.2009
  • It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog. Mark Twain was right.
    Tomas Nihlén21.12.2009
  • punk not junk or drunk jink or drink punk
    Christian Shields21.12.2009
  • When the smoke clears, light will shine on the punk.
    Tomas Nihlén21.12.2009
  • Survival of the fittest. Charles Darwin was a punk.
    Tomas Nihlén21.12.2009
    Tomas Nihlén21.12.2009
  • We shall never surrender...
    Lewis Wimbleton21.12.2009
  • Punk IPA: sending other beers straight to the bottle bank.
    JA Fargher21.12.2009
  • “Come swish around, my pretty punk, And keep me dancing still That I may stay a sober man Although I drink my fill.” william butler yeats said it though!
    lewis wimbleton21.12.2009
  • Brewdog: Lays waste to average beer.
    Alan Graham21.12.2009
  • ..ops, i did it again...
  • 300 Beers, real beers, born and raised to be the greatest beers ever faced off against 1 million bottles pretending to be real beers - This is BrewDog!!
    Joe Clark21.12.2009
  • Rage Against the Machine dont make beer, but if they did...
  • Smoking hot when ice cold!
    johan granberg21.12.2009
  • The end of civilized beer as you knew it, is only the beginning.
    Erik Verner21.12.2009
  • If it aint PUNK its just Junk
    Lara Brown21.12.2009
  • Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
    Nicola Miller21.12.2009
  • A beer for the Pretty Vagrant
    Steve Armstrong21.12.2009
  • Fuck me thats good
  • Why clashing does not have to be rotten.
    Paul Eliasberg21.12.2009
  • Never mind the bottle-tops: Here`s the dogs.
    Tony Kiernan21.12.2009
  • From the ashes of empires, the punk will rise!
    Derrick Johnston21.12.2009

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