Tokyo*, in an islay cask with raspberries? Why the hell not.

Tokyo*, in an islay cask with raspberries? Why the hell not.

Christmas Eve adventures at BrewDog....

You will need:

2 x 500L Islay whisky casks

60 Kilos local Scottish Raspberries (slightly more if James is helping)

Some 18.2% Tokyo*

4 young brewers


The Raspberries arrive


Here is one we made earlier (not really)


Our brewer Graeme (2nd from right) keeps his young team motivated and focussed on on the task



Busy filling the cask with raspberries. I also seemed to eat a lot of them, they are my favourite fruit and third favourite food overall.


A slight overflow, someone was too busy eating raspberries.

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  • Dammit I feckin love raspberries. I love them more than any other fruit. And I love Tokyo*. I love it more than any other beer. Pu me down for at least 6 of the Tokyo^R! Because you can!
    Douglas MacIntyre27.12.2009
  • Sounds great and if its a Laphroaig or Lagavulin cask then all the better!!!
    Adam Swinton25.12.2009
  • i always look forward to getting my tongue around a raspberry tipple
    phil dalgleish25.12.2009
  • So a key keg for the rake then?
  • I will look forward to trying. But why always an ISLAY cask. personally im not fond of the Islay ones. Maybe next time we can have an Arran one.
    craig garvie25.12.2009
  • Wow, will this be comercially available?

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