BrewDog’s Penguin featured in Modern Brewery Age

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Modern Brewery Age volume 61 recently featured a review on Tactical Nuclear Penguin, it was a huge honour to be featured in our favourite brewing publication. Here is the article.

Brewdog is a brash young brewery located in Fraserburgh, on Scotland’s northeast coast (For fans of obscure Scottish films, Fraserburgh is just east of Pennan, where the movie Local Hero was made).

Brewdog was founded only in 2007, but quickly received press coverage for their snarky pronouncements about mainstream beer and for their increasingly potent high abv brews.

It took awhile for the liquid to catch up with the labels, and the early BrewDogs were a little rough around the edges. That said, BrewDog’s learning curve has been impressively rapid and steep, and any doubts we had about the brewery’s technical proficiency were immediately erased when we cracked Tactical Nuclear Penguin.


Brewdog was recently pilloried by British moderate drinking groups for producing an 18% abv stout. In response, Brewdog released a 1.1% near ale called “Nanny State” (with a theoretical IBU of 225). Then they took the gloves off and launched this potent little weapon, boasting abv of 32% (Sam Adams Utopias has only 27%).


This is an astonishing beer, and the amazing thing is that it actually tastes like a beer. Somehow Brewdog managed to harness all that alcohol and keep Tactical Nuclear Penguin from

turning into a liqueur. “I thought Brewdog was a Stone knock-off, but this is amazing,” said

Mark Tambascio. “It is a lot nicer than Utopias.”

“I agree, this is much better than that Sam Adams one,” said Gerry Nicholls. “This stands on its own.”

“Sheesh, smell that alcohol,” said Greg Zannella. “This is intense. You can see the viscosity.”

“Easier drinking than Utopias,” said Tom Conti. “Holy S#@%. This is nice. It’s like good sipping whiskey.”

“Great aroma, almost overly intense flavour, some serious dark fruit,” said Phil Simpson. “There is a sophisticated sweetness on the palate, a higher form of sweetness. You swirl the glass, you can see the legs, there is a lot of alcohol here.”

“This is wonderful cutting edge stuff,” said Robert Lachman.

“It’s a ice beer, I take it,” said Gerry. “I expected it to be vinous, but there is none of that. It goes through a progression of rich flavours.”

“Like a beer grappa,” Phil said.

“Like a wee heavy,” Mark injected. “Wee? It’s a way f#@%ing heavy,”

Marty Juliano said. “Swirl that glass, look at those legs.”

“This is really good,” Gregg Glaser noted. “Remarkable for what it is.”

“All that Highland oak is incredible, it’s rich whiskey oak,” said Mark. “This is amazingly good.”


You can buy some here and make up your own mind on the world’s strongest beer http://www.brewdog.com/shop.php

Here is how we made it :-


In other news, The List magazine has names us 98 on their Hot 100 for 2010 list. We are 2 places ahead of Susan Boyle, I do not know who is more excited, me or my Granny!



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  • Theyre telling me that brewdog are no 98 on that list. Bunch of rides!!!

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