Caption Competition 9: BrewDog’s Board Meeting

Caption Competition 9: BrewDog’s Board Meeting

*** AND THE WINNER IS... ***

Robert Fairs with: 

Im not sure why Im pretending to read this newspaper......Im a dog


Congratulations Robert, your clever human wit was wag inducing!

Send James an email to james@brewdog.com to claim your prize!





Win a bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and 6 bottles of 5am Saint!

Good Luck!


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  • Bracken just couldnt stop reading the FTs story about Speedball and chuckling to himself
    Steven Wardell08.02.2010
  • OH MY GOD! Its the 14th, its my birthday!
    Kieran Wall03.02.2010
  • After reading his last publication, Bracken remembered why he took a career change to become the Brew Dog.
    Alan Gibson03.02.2010
  • Hmmm. Schorschbocks up to 40 percent. The penguin needs to get stronger.
  • Looking past the FT, at the captions below.... Some of these are so bad, I think I would rather read the FT.
    Scott Willey29.01.2010
  • I bet you the second I start reading that phones going to ring
    Simon Treacy28.01.2010
  • Brilliant - if I piss on the FT he will never know I took a leak in his office. I love piss-coloured newspaper.
  • ok.... i have two phones a paper and a pen to make premium beer....i am not fucking Macgyver!
    Huw Rhys-Davies28.01.2010
  • Board meeting? more like bored meeting. No one showed up, I have an old newspaper, and someone put those beers just out of my reach. Hell, I cant drink them anyway because I have no thumbs, which also means I cant even text anyone to remind them about this meeting. FML
    Scott Willey26.01.2010
  • It`s time to brew, dog!
    Erik H26.01.2010
  • I said give a dog a bone....not a give a dog a phone....those two have been on the tactical again
    mark lynn26.01.2010
  • I dunno why they bought me a colour-newspaper, surely they know Dogs are colourblind
    Sam Rodwell26.01.2010
  • Bracken: Tis about time we got rid of those bloody penguins.
    David Gilks26.01.2010
  • Someone has stolen my bloody iPhone....
    Steve Armstrong25.01.2010
  • I told those punks to get me a phone with a paws button!
    Barry Dickson25.01.2010
  • I m telling you, the economy is going to the dogs.
  • Bracken cocks a leg over hedge funds.
    Andy C25.01.2010
  • After doggedly chasing profits for two years the brewerys accountant still seemed to be looking for a steak in the company
    Alan Taylor25.01.2010
  • I dont care if the share issue date has been extended, I say we buy Pedigree Chum with the cash now!
    Colin Gordon25.01.2010
  • The Portman Group felt that the representative BrewDog had sent to their disciplinary hearing was a tad disrespectful.
    Ian Golightly25.01.2010
  • Hmm, yes. The FT is definitely the best paper for indoor use.
  • When Bracken saw the strength of the Penguin, he wept, for there were no more brews to conquer.
  • Equity for Dogs? Psh! Throw me a frickin bone here!
    Matt T25.01.2010
  • When the Brewers are away the Dogs go play.... or run the business.
    Matt Taylor25.01.2010
  • All BrewDog’s money is managed by Bracken His investments, the FTSE are trackin’ He says “Buy some porter” And “Sell bricks and mortar” These are skills that the new FD is lackin’
  • Hm... do I dare to run this company doggy style?
  • Sigh...What is this world coming to... How is it that the United States 21 year old ban on haggis being lifted isnt the top news story on the birthday of Robert Burns... Screw that caption contest... Im drinkin the prize.
    Scott Willey25.01.2010
  • Here we see the poster boy of the BrewDog equal opportunities campaign
    Daniel McCabe25.01.2010
  • DEO - Dog Executive Officer
  • Bracken the office, James and Martin felt their new hair of the dog cure may be a bit too extreme, but then again....
    Mark Lynn25.01.2010
  • Why so Brew Dog? [Best said in Chinese/Japanese accent]
    Mark Lynn25.01.2010
  • you think those guys could buy me a new phone one of those iwoofs or something - cheapstakes
    uncle wilco25.01.2010
  • Despite the huge fuss over the Strength of Tokyo and TNP. Bracken can find no news reports of Brewdog beers being responsible for any crimes
    craig garvie24.01.2010
  • Bracken: Working on weekends? It is dirty work but somebody is got to do it! Brewdog, serious businness.
  • After a couple of Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Bracken was feeling Ruff.
    Darren Goucher24.01.2010
  • Im not sure why Im pretending to read this newspaper......Im a dog
    Robert Fairs24.01.2010
  • A paws for thought over the barking mad bankers` bonuses
  • To many nights on the tiles had left Martin feeling Dog Tired
    kenneth wilkinson24.01.2010
  • mmm..nothing interesting..i will go directly on page three!!
  • Bracken cant believe with all the money from selling shares James and Martin wont even get him a phone with a colour screen
    Joe Clark24.01.2010
  • Top dog
  • Not even the dog can figure out why they make a weekend edition of the TF.
  • Bracken looks over the numbers for Equity for Drunks
    Fergus Nelson24.01.2010
  • Gloom and doom,I think I will turn to beer.
    Liz Shaw24.01.2010
  • Ummm...Leggs Travel Ltd of Oak Tree are up, Water Holdings of Piddly are down...comfort break any one?
    Susan Nisar24.01.2010
  • Well would you look at that, a black guy running the USA, they will be letting dogs run beer companies next!
    Susan Nisar24.01.2010
  • Its a dogs life in the directors chair
    Chris Mair24.01.2010
  • After a few IPAs before 8am, Bracken thought hed sober up by reading the Financial Times before those calls.
  • Board meeting? Bored meeting more like. I am not paid enough for this. Wheres my damn coffee?
    sally monster24.01.2010
  • James: absent. Martin: absent. Bracken: Woof. BrewDog: Beer for the dedicated.

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