Pimp the Brewery Part 2. Completed

Pimp the Brewery Part 2. Completed

Yesterday, James completed the second instalment of brewery pimping. We painted another huge BrewDog logo on the wall, this time of our new offices. It will hopefully prove the backdrop to the next episode of our video blog.

We used the same strategy, using an overhead projector in the middle of a cold, dark night to trace the logo onto the wall. Before painting we decided we wanted this logo to be in the trademark BrewDog blue. A visit to a hardware store with a bottle of Punk IPA in hand (solely for colour matching of course) ensued. The very helpful gentleman managed to mix up a paint that perfectly resembles the true colour of our logo although he refused to give us the bottle of Punk back after he had colour matched it!

The picture above shows James with his half completed masterpiece.

The clear winner from the Pimp the Brewery Part 1 competition (see http://brewdog.com/blog-article.php?id=21) was for the team to get matching BrewDog tattoos. At BrewDog we are not going to step away from a challenge like this. Watch this space - we should have some interesting photos of the aforementioned tattoos by mid October.

If Jo (who posted the suggestion on 31.8.08) could forward their details to james@brewdog.com we will get the prize of a mixed case sent out to you

if you like James' t-shirt you can buy one here http://brewdog.com/product.php?id=28



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