BrewDog 41% IPA tasting in London this Friday

Your chance to taste our 41% Sink the Bismarck plus our new 9.2%Hardcore IPA, oh and there may be a penguin there too.

Cut through the hype and get past the controversy. This is your chance to taste the ground-breaking 41% beer and chat to the people behind it.  James will be hosting a free tasting of Sink the Bismarck! At the Rake, Borough Market, London on Friday (19th Feb) from 8pm to 10pm. Feel free to drop by anytime between 8 and 10.

The Rake - 14 Winchester Walk Southwark London SE1 9AG

8pm-10pm on Friday 19th February - just drop by between these times. The tasting is free and will be in the upstairs room.

The world's strongest beer is a quadruple IPA that contains four times the hops, four times the bitterness and frozen four times to create at a staggering 41% ABV.


This is IPA amplified, with the volume cranked off the scale. Kettle hopped, dry hopped then freeze hopped for a deep fruity, resinous and spicy aroma. A full out attack on your taste-buds ensues as the incredibly smooth liquid delivers  a crescendo of malt, sweet honey, hop oils and a torpedo of hop bitterness which lasts and lasts. 

We will also be taking the opportunity to re-launch our all new and improved 9.2% Hardcore IPA. Maltier, Hoppier and all round better than our 9% IPA. This is a completely new beer. We fixed our yeast issues with it, added more coloured malt and loads more hops and dry hops. Oh and we changed the label too! It will make it's debut at the Rake on Friday on draught (kegged) and in bottle.

With a bit of luck a stray penguin may also find its way to the tasting.


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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KecIdlEAKhU
  • Wunderbar!
  • very funny , but pls learn a lil more german ;) best regards from germany http://blog.atomlabor.de PROST
    Jaycee out of Atomlabor Wuppertal / Germany22.02.2010
  • I was super excited about Equity for Punks and then discovered that you had to live in Europe and well I dont. I was disappointed. Today I have seen so many articles about you and Sink the Bismark that I am even more disappointed. thegreatbeeradventure.blogspot.com
    Katy Too22.02.2010
  • Turned up at the rake only to find that it had been over-subsribed. Had some really nice beer at the rake instead
  • Thanks for a great sampling yesterday! When will that lovely new Hardcore be available from the web shop?
    Mo, London20.02.2010
  • What a night that was! Thanks everyone for coming along and sorry to the people i had to send away.
    Tom Cadden20.02.2010
  • Wat a great evening, well done James nice to meet such a passionate person the beer was fantastic!
    Callum Slade19.02.2010
  • tickets? pah, all this way and no taster :(
  • I think we germans should brew a beer named ,remember coventry, ... xD
  • Fantastic, really looking forward to this. it will be very, um, intimate though, the rake is titchy.
  • Excellent news, I will make sure Im there to sample the Bismarck. Improved Hardcore sounds interesting too.
    Carl M19.02.2010
  • Hoorah! tasting at my favorite bar in London. See you there tomorrow.
  • Bloody London again. For a SCOTTISH company you dont half do a lot more in London
    craig garvie18.02.2010
  • Had my first Harcore last night. Loved it, looking forward to the new one. And looking forward to tomorrow night.
  • Just spotted the addition of the stopper for Bismarck. Top banana chaps. Looking forward to the new Hardcore too!
    Douglas MacIntyre18.02.2010
  • See you there guys!
    Mo, London18.02.2010
  • Will see you on Friday!
    Callum Slade18.02.2010
  • Cheers for choosing the rake for this. I will go there on Friday and get steaming.
  • Lucky London!
    Jamie Cowie18.02.2010
  • Count me in. Looking forward to it.
  • I think the current Hardcore is awesome so if the new one improves it, thats something to look forward to. James - you mention somewhere that Sink... is freeze hopped. Whats that? Is it a new process?
    Gareth Young18.02.2010
  • James, appreciate what you are saying but assume that the original Hardcore wont be brewed again. I shouldnt be making too many judgements before Ive had the new one though.
  • Hurrah, see you at the Rake. I hope you have some on sale as well.
    David Scott18.02.2010
  • Farizo - it is Hardcore 9.2 and the packaging is also new. See above
    James, BrewDog18.02.2010
  • Just watched the video. YAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS. Shall see you guyz on friday.
  • Bismarck on order but slightly worried about an alleged improved Hardcore. Loved the original and just drunk the last bottle I had. Couldnt the new recipe have been called something else? Hardcore 2?

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