BrewDog Aberdeen

BrewDog Aberdeen

update on the first ever BrewDog bar

As you can see from the pictures, work is now underway at our first ever bar in Aberdeen. The purchase deal took a bit longer to complete than anticipated due to a couple of legal issues but we are delighted to have made a start to the renovations. At the moment, the more of the old interior we tear out, the more problems we find. The whole thing is going to take a little bit longer to get open than we thought. The wait will definitely be worth it though and we are really excited about getting the first BrewDog bar up and running.


The awful false front is one of the things we will be changing.

We will keep you updated with photos of the progress and plans and visuals of the new project when we have them.



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  • Great news . . cant wait to have a pint there . . . .can you open a branch in stonehaven too?
    michael main02.03.2010
  • Any chance of an opening party for shareholders?
  • I intend to make a beast of myself with the help of cask hardcore IPA at the nearest opportunity.
    Gareth Young02.03.2010
  • I sooo cant wait as that is approx 10 min staggering distance from my flat. I think it may become my new local! Hurry up, please!
  • Paul, the shelf life of Divine Rebel is about 13 minutes. It is in our house anyway
    Chris Mair01.03.2010
  • does anyone know the shelf life of devine rebel? if so, can you tell me
    paul noonan01.03.2010
  • good luck and make it aberdeens best from glasgows best
    bon accord glasgow01.03.2010
  • Amazing, Love an excuse for a night out in Aberdeen and this is a good as they come, please keep us updated on progress.
    Garry Forfar01.03.2010
  • Going by the picture, you would think that the Rangers fans had visited again....
  • Might even consider a RyanAir ticket from Gothenburg to get to the opening given that I can sit down in front of the fireplace with a tankard and light up my churchwarden pipe shock full of Balkan Sasieni... A guy can dream, no?!
  • Woo Hoo Roadtrip from Newcastle to Aberdeen is defo on the cards. Let weh all know when the opening night is, would be a shame to miss out on the birth of the brewdog pub. Best o luck with the renovations
    chris ford01.03.2010
  • Once The Plaice is open it may be worth a trip to Aberdeen .. Good luck boys....
  • Love a Trashy Blonde i do. Cant wait, make sure it has a decent sound system. Woo RGU!!
    M Gordon28.02.2010
  • haaarumph
    paul noonan28.02.2010
  • Bad news that its taking longer than you, sorry, we were hoping, but Im certain that its going to be worth it in the end! Cant wait to see the progress, and glad that your changing the front of it... it was one thing that I could never really get my head round when they changed it...
  • YALDEE!!!
  • This is great news for my hometown! Myself & Nessa were up in November & counted maybe 4 bars with a decent selection of well kept ales. Will definitely be there for the opening!!
    G Dunbar28.02.2010
  • FYI Brewdog...when this opens you WILL be assaulted by the Robert Gordon University Snowsports club!
  • I see a trip to Aberdeen is now on the cards. Good luck guys.
    Raphael Basan28.02.2010
  • aw brilliant! I canna think o a better place fer the dogs!! Roll on opening time! ;-)
  • Fraoch ?
  • Well done guys, i hope to find on tap your Fraoch, i love it!!
  • Good luck! If I am ever in Aberdeen I will be sure to look it up! Greetings from Norway
  • DO publish the opening date in plenty time so we can all traipse up to it
    craig garvie28.02.2010

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