Drinks expert defends under fire BrewDog

Drinks expert defends under fire BrewDog

An online forum against the hideously ridiculous actions of the Portman group has now been started by beer expert Melissa Cole.


She believes, with plenty of justification, that the Portman group is only prosecuting BrewDog is a vain attempt to justify its own existence.

"What is particularly sad is that this marketing demonstrates a very British sense of humour and irony, in other words something we should be very proud of".

"The Portman Group, clearly having more funding than sense, hired a management consultancy to 'carry out an independent audit to measure compliance of drinks packaging with the Code'.
I first have to say WHAT?!
The drinks industry watchdog has to hire someone else to 'watch' drinks labelling to see if it complies with its own Code that it (the Portman Group) is mandated to uphold - does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?"
(Melissa Cole)

Apparently the upcoming hearing against BrewDog will be "held by a panel of experts with no involvement in the drinks industry". Which reinforces the point that the Portman Group is acting with no understanding at all of the industry it is trying to police.  They seem to like acting within their codified vacuum with no reference to reality.

The point that BrewDog has made repeatedly which provides the scandalous underpinning for the whole affair is this: The Portman Group is funded by the industry giants, these guys have a vested interest in making sure small producers are not successful and do not infringe on their market share. It is nothing more than a old fashioned cartel.

If you missed any of the background to this story you can catch up






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  • The Orkney brewery didnít feel able or willing to take the Portman Group on head on when their Skullsplitter was under attack, so itís good that someone will. Any time Iíve seen drunken violence the people involved had not been drinking strong ale or microbrewery beer; theyíd been drinking the products of the brewers and distillers who fund the Portman Group.
    Tim Vanhoof07.11.2008
  • discovered your beer on the supermarket shelf about a year ago and admit it was your punky graphics and irreverent humour that caught my eye......forgive me but aint making your product stand out the name of the game??????? Sipping riptide as i type ,...another superb beer lads ...looking forward to the day i can afford to buy a bottle of paragon.
    john mcgillvary16.10.2008
  • I m Enrico from Italy. While I m drinking my Punk IPA, I have to say.. FUCK portman group. Those idiots surely don t drink good beer as we do. Keep on brewing.

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