Caption Competition 12: Stone Penguin

Caption Competition 12: Stone Penguin

Greg Koch (CEO and Co-founder of Stone Brewing Company) and BrewDog's James.

Win a bottle of TNP and Bismarck.  Huw Davies  won the Frame of Wonderment caption competition, email james@brewdog.com with your address to claim your prize!

Good luck!


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  • Bastards! Who filled my glass with walrus diarrhoea? Was it you? Yes, you with the shite hat on.
    Jonathan Tait29.04.2010
    Alexander Bergenstråle12.04.2010
  • "Does my breath smell like fish?"
    Andreas Eriksson07.04.2010
  • You might be stronger, but I am louder!
    Arno Lepisk03.04.2010
    Dimitri Carrer02.04.2010
    Colin Sabia01.04.2010
  • sorry, wrong blog :)
  • Why waste your energy: remove the labels, replace them with penquin and bismarck labels and send them over to the portman group
    Erick (NL)31.03.2010
  • There are some things that even the great Morgan Freeman cant put into words. This is one of those things.
    Daniel Hartis30.03.2010
  • Penguin suited prank-meister cant hide his unnatural phobia of saluting.
    Andrew Madden30.03.2010
  • You are what you drink, and Ive just gone Nuclear!
    Douglas MacIntyre30.03.2010
  • i can see clearly now my ale is gone
  • How many times do I have to tell you its KOCH not KOCK, how would you like it if I called you James TWAT!
  • No matter how loud Pingu shouted the mad brewers hat was still louder!
    Innes McCulloch29.03.2010
  • Not wanting to miss out on his favourite Brewdog beer the Giant red Moth had locked onto the Penguins throat
    kenneth wilkinson29.03.2010
  • Half a pint of TNP later... James - My work here is done
    Kieran Wall29.03.2010
  • I thought you said it was formal dress tonight?
  • DRINK......FECK.....ARSE......WIMMIN.......
  • Penguins prefer powerful potations.
    Don Trivisonno29.03.2010
  • Whats your damage son.
    Tim Shaw29.03.2010
  • Doobie doobie doo...
    Joey Adams29.03.2010
  • OHNO!! Penguins can sideward ejaculate!.......and drink beer!
    Steve & Jim29.03.2010
  • BrewDog James did not know The Penguin realized his true identity as Batman, until it was too late.
    Tony Halloin29.03.2010
  • That beer is small, but this one is far away.
  • The 21 Nun salute
    Rob Fairs28.03.2010
  • P-p-p-p-pick up a pale ale.
    danny ashton28.03.2010
  • Arrrrgh... ears are crunchy! *crunch*
    Yvan Seth28.03.2010
  • ...moments before James learned the hard way not to unleash the Tactical Nuclear Penguin upon the simpleton Americans. Greg woke up the next mourning not knowing what happened, but with a full belly and a sudden desire to go to Scotland.
    Joey Bilotta28.03.2010
  • ...moments before James learned the hard way not to release the Tactical Nuclear Penguin upon simpleton Americans. Greg woke up the next mourning not know what happened, but with a full belly and a sudden desire to go to Scotland.
    Joey Bilotta28.03.2010
  • You are standing on my flipper!!!!!
    Christy Zail28.03.2010
  • Cry havoc and let slip the penguins of war!
    Michael Ferrari28.03.2010
  • This is a formal occasion James, maybe you should penguin suit up next time!
    Kyle Harvey28.03.2010
    Dan OLeary28.03.2010
  • Its going to be a loooooing night Batman!
    Topher Mauerhan28.03.2010
  • We cant stop here, this is bat country!
    Ross Macumber28.03.2010
  • Strong, Dark, Bold, Plenty of Character and Very Hoppy. The beer isnt bad either
    richard boyden28.03.2010
  • Thats Watt happens when you get a Penguin stoned
    Chris Mair28.03.2010
  • I ate his liver with some Pork Scratchings and a nice Stone Pale Ale pppppfffffaaaa!!
    Susan Nisar28.03.2010
  • Hey look! That penguin is trying to eat Ashton Kutcher!!
    James Van Evera28.03.2010
  • James attempts to discuss the finer points of subtlety in Scottish marketing, but Greg is tragically deafened by his own patriotism.
    Judy Blomquist28.03.2010
  • Give me more beer, or your next, screamed the crazed penguin, he was out for frothy nectar!
    Paul Kelly28.03.2010
  • Look, even a Peuman can do the Greg face, why cant you?
    Eric Stephens28.03.2010
  • Give me the recipe or I shall devour you!
    Mike Shelby28.03.2010
  • Maybe this guy in the penguin suit will go away if I ignore him.
    Andy Doonan28.03.2010
  • The beer goggles after 2 of the world strongest beers still did not make this penguin attractive. James had had it up to here.
    Dan Curtis28.03.2010
  • Now show me your James Face!
    Andrew Clark28.03.2010
  • i guess you can take the penguin out of the wild, but you cant take the wild out of the penguin.
    Todd Rivers28.03.2010
  • James was surprised at how much the waiter smelled of fish, and wished he wouldnt breath on him so much
    craig garvie28.03.2010
  • After a beer like that no one can blame you for wanting to taste another brewdog.
    Paul Sparrow28.03.2010
  • Prepare for some regurgitated beer... you little shit.
    Gerard Lenaghan28.03.2010
  • ppppp piss off a penguin
    shaun mcsweeny28.03.2010
  • when james asked for a tall bird with a big mouth an a fondness for beer this isnt quite what he expected
    shaun mcsweeny28.03.2010
  • After the Christians hijacked March of the Penguins - this lill fella decided to showcase that penguins have no morals.
    Philip Thompson28.03.2010
  • Dogs for peace, Penguins for war!
    Joe Clark28.03.2010
  • A captain always downs his ship when the locals attack
    Tom Sharp28.03.2010
  • Tipsy Nutty Penguin.
    Chris Price28.03.2010
    Christian Jul28.03.2010
  • Assimilate!
    Daniel [Schnille och Schmak]28.03.2010
  • yes yes, Semper fi captain tartan, BUT YOURE STANDING ON MY SODDING FOOT!!!

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