Abstrakt AB:01 Launch @ The White Horse

Abstrakt AB:01 Launch @ The White Horse

Abstrakt AB:01 Launch @ The White Horse Thursday 22nd April. From 7:00

1-3 Parsons Green
020 7736 2115

AB:01 is here. The White Horse at Parsons Green will have the only keg in Britain on draught for one night only. It is a very limited one off batch and this will be the your only chance to try it on keg!

In addition we will have other BrewDog beers in tap, including the new Hardcore IPA on cask.

Tom Cadden will be heading up the event and it will be his first official outing as BrewDog’s London Sales Manager. James was due at the event too, but the volcano ash and ensuing flight chaos means he is stuck in Scotland!


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  • You guys up North are gonna get a pub all to yourselves. Let us have a few launches down here before it all goes back up there.

    Good night though, loved the AB:01
  • Paul,

    We had one in Stockholm last week.
    James, BrewDog23.04.2010
  • Guys, launches all the time in london, great for marketing but seriously bad for reputation...
  • More people in London alone than in Scotland as a country. Go where the condesed focus is. Not awesome for people in the northern wastes of the UK as it were, but sound from the business and PR perspective.
    Douglas MacIntyre23.04.2010
  • cmon guys... Another launch down south again!! What we got to do get tasters in your homeland??
    Iv read that even the Swede,s are getting Abstrakt on tap !!!
    Whats goin on??
    And no taps @ Paisley Beer Fest is almost unacceptable....
    Time to prioritise me thinks..!!
    Chris Walkingshaw22.04.2010
  • Finally! Some upside to being stranded in London!
    Kenneth Clemmer22.04.2010
  • I'll be in there like swimwear
  • Well, as I'm down that way.....it'd be rude not to eh
  • Ever thought of doing Scottish launches lads?
    Steven Dehn22.04.2010
  • I've tried it - it's Brilliant!

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