Beer Rocks: What should we brew?

Beer Rocks: What should we brew?

This is your chance to have your say and influence our future beers. Your chance to take control of your beer drinking destiny. We are throwing down the gauntlet and gingerly laying our fate in your hands! We want you to decide what our next new beer is going to be. We want to take your suggestions on a beer that you want us to brew, if there is something you would like to see BrewDog make then this is your chance to let us know.


It can be something straightforward like a 5% pale ale or something totally off the wall like a 15% Imperial Stout brewed aged in whisky casks for 12 months with brambles! You can give us as much or as little detail as you want on the beer you want brewed, we are happy to help fill in any gaps in the suggestions.

We will then select one of the options and will brew a small batch of the winning suggestion! The person with the winning suggestion can even visit BrewDog and help us make the beer.

The beer will be released on the website as a summer special. If it goes down a storm it may even stick around.

So get your thinking caps on and let us know what you want us to brew for you! Bracken, Stewart, Martin and James are getting ready to brew the top suggestion.

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  • apologies if this has been suggested elsewhere.
    for the summer....chilled clear and clean weiss style, ending with some hoppy bite yet tempered by adding some blueberries and vanilla for a smooth finish. like an ice cream sundae in a bottle.
    lloyd chambers22.05.2010
  • After all the stories I've seen about the arms race for most alcoholic beer, I think it'd be great if you guys were known for having both the most AND the least alcoholic beers. I love the taste of beer but I wish I could enjoy it more with a no-alc or very low-alc beer. Something that tastes like an IPA or a brown ale, say, but is 1% or maybe 2% alcohol at the most. Then I could enjoy it more often. Of course, non-alcoholic beers exist, but I've never found one that doesn't taste really foul.

    thanks! good luck..
  • I hope you've not been involved in brewing up the new Blue Nanny State we've just got...
  • Summer months are up ahead, and I can't help but think about the combination of bourbon and a hint mint. Aged in a bourbon casket, hint, of mint, and a bit of fruit for your tongue to indulge.
    If you don't do it, then I will fail for the rest of my life trying.
    Tyson Gautreaux06.05.2010
  • Put Scotch Ale back on the map with a monster 10+ abv Wee Heavy, smooth as a baby's bottom and rich as a Croesus.

    Best wishes from Norway.
    Bernt Rostad06.05.2010
  • An imperial stout thick as hell, with very complex aroma, but without molasses taste/aftertase and with 8-9% alcohol.
    Alexei Popov05.05.2010
  • A hoppy, interesting non-alcoholic beer. perhaps taken from what you remove when you freeze the sink the bismark?
    geoff goss05.05.2010
  • How about a Passion Fruit and Mango Wheat Beer.

    I think a wheat with Passion Fruit and Mango would rock. Mash high for residual sweetness, about 4-5% abv and then dump loads of the fruit pulp into secondary. What could beat that served chilled on a summers day ... a punch of fresh sweet fruit and then the fizz of a wheat beer to leave you refreshed.

    Motueka hops from New Zealand would work well along side the fruit because they scream tropical fruits when used in large amounts any way.
    Mark (BeerBirraBier)04.05.2010
  • Anything with liquorice in it - just isn't enough of it about, strong and dark you get to play on the word too!
  • Just back from Belgium where I tried amongst many other things a Barbar Bok from Lefebvre Brewery. It's a brown beer with 2.5% honey in it and 8%. A brew dog version would use a bit more highland heather honey offset by a slightly more bitter flavour, be around 10% and taste better I'm sure (not that the bok didn't taste great).
    David Scott03.05.2010
  • How about a 15% IPA which is triple dry hopped? Taking the new hardcore to a whole new level?
  • The Cranachan Stout and Quadrupel Pear Tart I suggested should also have Scottish heather honey in them. Oops.

    Also, what about the following:

    Smokey Pig Breakfast Rauch - a rauchbier of the doppelbock variety made with smoked bacon and maple syrup.

    Vice Beer - A berliner weisse with black pepper, cucumber and juniper berries.
    Gareth Young03.05.2010
  • >5% lager with cloudberries! I had that few years ago and it was great.
    Mr. Caligula03.05.2010
  • How about something around cloudberries? Should go down well in Scandinavia if nowhere else :)

    Probably something quite hoppy.
    Leif Lindholm03.05.2010
  • A very hoppy Belgian white would be awesome.
  • Its gotta be a ginger beer!
  • For summer... a blueberry infused wheat beer (or maybe pale ale).
  • I suggest a 12% champagne yeast style beer
  • @Caleb That's a bit like saying imperial stouts can technically only be consumed by members of the Russian royal family.
    The Beer Nut02.05.2010
  • A smoked imperial stout/porter ? Love smoked beers!
    Kevin Raayman02.05.2010
  • DOGMA !!!
    chris ford01.05.2010
  • option 1- A Black Bun style recipe, rich dried fruit, cinnamon, almond and orange zest flavours in a nice dark 4-5% easy drinking ale.

    option 2- a play on the Hot Toddy, a session golden ale with heather honey and scotch whisky infusion

    option 3- a beer flavoured with traditional scottish brambles or even nettles
    richard boyden01.05.2010
  • I concur with the other suggestions about a wheat beer. As much as I love proper German wheatbeers, there are a growing number of UK microbreweries making wheat beer and they all taste really good.

    What to put in it? Maybe a dash of honey flavouring? Or then again, just stick with the Brewdog secret ingredient that's in everything else you brew!

    You could make a cocktail of all your existing brews. Something like Hardcore Tactical Saint Tokyo Physics the 77th sounds mighty appealing!!!
  • Since Lambics and Geuzes take too long (and technically can only be brewed in Belgium), but a sour is long overdue, I suggest a wild ale brewed with lots of sour plums.
  • More Nanny State. Only put the price up - maybe double...
    Sid Boggle30.04.2010
  • A Weizen aged in ex Plum Wine (umeshu) casks. Now originally I was thinking itís a summer beer so hefeweizen would be the natural choice, but after a moment I considered it better to follow Stone brewings habit of turning out the heavy duty beer (in their case an imperial stout) when its warm enough let the flavour roam, so id say go with

    Weizen Dopplebock aged in ex plum wine casks.

    The wonderful raisin and banana elements that can be prevalent in some weizen bocks would be complemented perfectly with sweet plum wine influence, and would definitely suit the wheat main body for a refreshing yet complex drink, it would probably need something like bitter chocolate at the end to prevent it being too sickly and add a bit of punch before settling into a dry refreshing wheat finish.

    Plenty of room for Brewdog to play with their trademark ingenuity and add even more to a wonderful style. (maybe add some strawberry elements on the nose reminiscent of what you do with 5 am saint to really give a lot up front and entice the drinker in)
    Chris Myers30.04.2010
  • Give me a summer drinking wheat beer - bring it on!
  • Quadrupel Pear Tart - Quad made with pear juice instead of water and aged in bordeux barrels.
    Cranachan Imperial Stout - Whisky barrel aged imperial oatmeal stout with raspberries.
    Hedgerow IPA - Single hop nelson sauvin belgian IPA with elderflower and wild thyme.
    Or a single hop saaz pils - hop and dry hop the shit out of it.
    Gareth Young30.04.2010
  • 4 words: Imperial Cherry Bakewell Stout
  • Scotch Wee Heavy (kinda funny you guys don't have one of these yet!) with plums and raisins. Aged in a highland cask. I think it would then be cool to split the batch in half and put the other half in a barrel with some sour bacteria and get something really crazy going. Depending on the gravity you might have to blend it with a sour base beer though. Anyways thats my 2 cents.
    Chris Black30.04.2010
  • An IPA made with chocolate malt
    Paul C30.04.2010
  • A sour citrus Geuze which will stand fridge-chilling and taste perfect after mowing the lawn please. About 6.5% tops.
  • The Physics, but blonde and spicy. Summer is for session drinking.
    Reluctant Scooper30.04.2010
  • Keep the wildness we expect from Brewdog and as other have said, go sour. Not necessarily in a traditional way though. Use the American lead, make it bigger (8-10% ABV), age it in a used wine barrel (maybe from Bordeaux) and use some local, Scottish fruit. Tayberries could be nice or raspberries or blaberries.

    Play to your strengths - wild, diffierent, local.
    David Gilks30.04.2010
  • How about a geuze! Would take awhile but definitely worth it.
    Andy Doonan30.04.2010
  • A scotch ale of course!
    A really sticky, viscous, menacinly caramel-red DRY HOPPED wee heavy with a minimum of 12%-15% alchohol so that I get that irreversible irresistable "wine smile" from a pint bottle. A beer that will make the "wine smile" forever the "Brewdog smile."
    Something Scotland can be really proud of and something us Americans of Scottish decent can be too.

    If the dry hopping sounds naive, I'm all for a little Lacto and Pedio in there to give it that pre-pure-yeast-cultre affect. Sweet and sour and smokey

    Or Sweet and herbal and smokey. I like them both.

    In dog we trust.
    Phillip Davidson30.04.2010
  • Fennel Pilsner - a summer beer that's refreshing like a pilsner but with a touch of anise flavor to remind of sipping on a cold absinthe.
    Joe B.30.04.2010
  • I'll give you a gift, my secret to all.
    I brewed a 30 ltr batch of Hefe Weissen.
    40% Wheat Malt, 55% Lager malt and 5% Carawheat.
    28-30BU with NZ Hallertau aroma to finish.
    In the boil I also dropped in 10g/l mix of crushed juniper berries and coriander seed about half way through the boil.
    Fermented out with a simple wheat beer yeast to circa 5%, condition for about 1 week and put it in bottle unfiltered.

    Imagine drinking that in the shade with the "monsters in the parasol".
  • The Belgian Samurai - A clean, lager-like, deep gold, 7% ABV Belgian Blonde brewed with ginger and lemongrass. The ginger and lemongrass flavors would compliment the already spicy and earthy notes that a Belgian Blonde has from the yeast and hops. Nothing says Summer like a refreshing, lager-like ale with a nice gingery "Samurai Sword" bite.
    Andrew Johnston30.04.2010
  • How about a beer that will come to taste after your death? a beer for your childeren brewed when you're still alive... legacy beer, or something like that... x
  • Id like to see you make a really super sour Cherry Cola for adults. Cult Cola would be a good name. That is all.
    Sofa S29.04.2010
  • Im going with the bacon beer guy. Brew it with thyme. Then I can drink it while eating pancakes on Saturdays.

    Also Im a big fan of a good saison. The Nogne Tittebaer was awesome. Something like that would be good for summer and grilling.
  • A nice hoppy American style Red Ale with a summery Brewdog twist - lemongrass? Juniper?
    Mark C29.04.2010
  • dae us a nice crisp golden massive hoppy summer brew around 5% with a wee taste of Scotland, soften it up lightly with some oats and bung in loads of heather tips like a certain other brewery does - would love to taste that freshness the only way I know you guys can do!
  • A Witbier
  • How about a honey infused stout a kind of light and dark combination beer
    Joe Patrick Clark29.04.2010
  • Cascadia Dark Ale. 8-9%, dark, malty, nice crisp hoppy malt finish.
    chris hayes29.04.2010
  • A really fiery gingery beer, possibly with some chilli content.
    Simon waddell29.04.2010
  • just a bloody good 5% mild
    mark oldham29.04.2010
  • I've been working on a mint weissbier - its a little out there but I think if its done well it could be a revolutionary beer, so I think you guys are one of very few that could pull it off.
    Kieran Wall29.04.2010
  • A brew for summer! Call me crazy but i'd go with an amazing pale/amber ale, controversial I know....but hear me out on this. When i'm sat slowly getting burnt in the sun all I want is something good and easy to drink, don't get me wrong I love beer in all its forms, hell the amount of De Dolle Stout drank this last winter got beyond a joke. For summer though i'd go pale. I reckon that the best route to go down would be an very tasty citrus beer, I mean real citrus, not just like a pale ale with a little bit of lemon/limeyness on the end, no one that matters wants that (cough, CAMRA, cough)!. I want a pale ale with a good strong tasting hoppiness to it, but it has to be like a citrus party, no syrup or shit like that, there must be hops that have that effect. A flavour profile of something like Golden Pippin but with balls! Push the boat out (well sort of) i'm talking roughly 5.5% so it's sessionable but not a bottle a night kind of thing. Anyway sorry for the long post i've just had this beer that I need in my head for quite a long time!
    Jim Thackray29.04.2010
  • how about a beef broth beer.
  • For the summer months Ithink something along the lines of a raspberry lager or a light blonde ale lightly hopped with some sort of fruity floral flavour like Badger Golden glory or St Austell Clouded Yellow. With some advertising this could tap into the massive lager market or appeal to the ladies too.
    Mark Alley29.04.2010
  • I've always wanted someone to make a bacon beer, or something a little more extravagent a full english breakfast beer, something you could. I wouldn't think it would be that great in a stout but maybe a pale or amber ale.

    Another idea would be a chilly beer but what i'd REALLY like is a nice ruby beer that could maybe be a nice fruity one, wouldn't reccoment whisky casking it but maybe you could find something else to cask it in, wooden barrels from another spirit mayhaps
    Tom Pickreing29.04.2010
  • Its time to start playing with Brett.
  • Gents, may I present, a mint chocolate stout. Like drinking stout with an after eight stuck in your throat.
    Rob Fairs29.04.2010
  • A cross between a 3 Fonteinen 2005 vintage and a Girardin Black Label 18882 and also a Rochefort 10 clone. Mikkeller want to do an Orval clone so Brewdog should do a Rochefort clone!

    Also an IPA American Hop bomb of around 10.5% with 300% hops to say this can be done in Scotland.....
  • My suggestion would be a beer in the Belgian Flemish brown ale style (Rodenbach/Duchesse De Bourgogne). About 5-6% slightly sour, malty & refreshing. You could maybe make it a little hoppier than a typical Flemish brew. Alternatively, you could brew a beer that has (shock, horror!) has NO hops in at all. I believe the Gruut brewpub (http://www.gruut.be) in Ghent, Belgium brews beer using only special spices. A departure from the norm but an interesting challenge I'm sure you'll agree. Whatever you brew I'm sure (as always) it will be nothing short of fantastic.
  • im a massive IPA fan and the Nobel Pills of sam adams is a mix of my two fave's its a easy all night dring with a fantastic hop after flavour a must if you ask me! pills with an IPA twist
    David Mitchell29.04.2010
  • Root Beer. Really incredible root beer.

    Do what you do to make beer incredible, but make a bottle conditioned soda.
    rICH dEtOMMASO29.04.2010
  • Well, 8 months ago I was blessed with my first son, and a future drinking & telling lies partner. So, over this period I have been searching for quality beers that are built to age for 20+ years, with the plan of sharing a select few with him on his 21st BDay. It would be brilliant if you could craft a beer with the specific intention of aging for this length of time (or 18 years). This way, I can grab a case, and crack one in celebration of that day every year, in great anticipation for the day that I can polish off the rest with him when he is of "legal" age. What kind of beer? You'd know best what sort of brew would age best. For me, it's more of the concept that carries the meaning. It'd be an epic journey and a great story! (not a bad tradition too)
    Brian Veroneau29.04.2010
  • No idea how it would turn out or whether it is even possible, but something of a cross-over between absinthe and beer, Van Gogh's Earful or something like that. :)
  • Consider brewing Death By Hops - winner of the Swedish Home Brewers Championship in Gothenburg - see http://www.beerdrivel.se/. This is a fantastic ale at about 9% and went down very well at the festival. Get a licence to brew it and get it out on the shelves.
    Rev. Jack Stains29.04.2010
  • How about a beer using one of the hottest chillis available? Then make it roughly 10/11% Abv therefore, it would have some serious bite.
    I'd call it Brainache or something along those lines. Why because your mouth would be on fire from drinking it and too much you'd have a serious hangover too.
    You would have to sign some form of disclaimer though saying you wouldn't sue Brewdog. Something for the legal eagles to ponder..
    Nei Bowers29.04.2010
  • A Scottish Tripel. Something that lies between a wee heavy and an abbey tripel.Or a dunkel weiss. That is all!
  • I would like ya'll to make a organic Imperial Irish Red Ale around 9% ABV. Perhaps change some of the traditional Irish ingredients for some Scot ones?

    I've always wanted to make an organic beer that mixed either Absinthe and Beer or a Cannabis Tincture mixed with beer but I don't think you can do that legally!
    John Byrne29.04.2010
  • Imperial Radler
  • I give you 3 options:

    1) A 7% Smoked Stout/Porter with cider apples thrown in the lot.

    2) A 7% Oriental Pale Ale made using premium quality Jasmine Tea.

    3) A 9% Scottish Geuze (That is a very cool idea, make it option 1).

    Make one of them, or I'll curse you to breadcrumbs in your beds forever!

    Best Regards.

    Wolfgang Amadeus29.04.2010
  • Pilsner, a good one.
    CR Maki29.04.2010
  • Bring back Story amd Dogma. But increase the strength of the Storm to 15% and it would be awesome. Dogma has to be brought back also. James, if you read this then what you should also do is ask people what their favourite beers have been from Brewdog and bring them back if they have been discontinued, like my two favourites. Also, when is there going to be a new round of Paradox??
    alan robertson29.04.2010
  • 4.6% Plum wheat beer, its summer!
  • smoked or fruit ipa
    braggot or full on mead
    oaked wheat-stout
    do something you rarely see or never in fact see. you know how to mess with people's heads well enough.
    mike partel29.04.2010
  • Stolen from pencilandspoon as it sounds fucking nice, a 10% rum barrel-aged coffee and coconut imperial stout, just make sure whatever it is, is available in 500ml bottles!
    Tom Mann29.04.2010
  • Imperial Weißbier!
    Arne Martin Aurlien29.04.2010
  • I've always been interested in if you can take a strong ale with caramel notes in the malt and somehow get some apple flavor in there to complement it. Then enough hops so it wouldn't be too sweet. So kind of a flavored American Strong Ale. I've had a raspberry ASA but I think a fruit that is more tart like apple might work better.
  • A cherry sweet stout, ~7-8 ABV
    david fonorow29.04.2010
  • I say we have some fun, barrel aged mild.
  • Something spicy. Maybe a Habanero porter?
    David Hamalian29.04.2010
  • A quality session beer is something sorely lacking these days.
  • Mead or some Kriek :)
  • How about something with elderflower? Think Salopian's Darwin's Origin, but more so!
    William Bradbeer29.04.2010
  • Aidan Skinner got it in one: "light and sessiony, ~3.5% ABV, hoppy and not too much malt, maybe slightly citrusy". (Not so sure about the spicy bit, but I'm willing to give it as try).

    It's not all about the mad strong beers!
  • I say turn the snobbery on its head! Use a UK tea base, add tons of pale malt and tons of honey as well as lactose to simulate milk. Then go Brewdog wild and either ice it to jack up the ABV as the proverbial icing on the cake, or take it out to sea by way of the vikings in a similar fashion of the Atlantic IPA, delivering that great sea salt flavor to the beer. my suggestion would be to use cascade or centennial hops to deliver a huge citrus taste, which would meld quite nice with the honey.

    i would imagine the style of the beer would fall somewhere between a double ipa and a mead.

    cheers, and keep up the great work.
    Dave S29.04.2010
  • What about putting together a wheat beer of sorts? You have a great line up of beers across many styles, but there lacks coverage in the wit/hefe/wheat area.
    Jeremy DeVere29.04.2010
  • what abut soething a bit hardcore, like 8/9% but still light with a fruit/honey flavour. Something you'd be happy to start drinking at around 11am and keep going until the next morning, summer is all about sessioning so it'd have to be a golden beer. Maybe use heather honey or something along those lines to give it that real sense of individuality.
    tom sharp29.04.2010
  • I third (fourth?) the idea of a relatively weak session beer - around the 3.5-4% mark. Perhaps a fruit beer or a spiced beer to give it extra interest?
    Mr Jack29.04.2010
  • Oh there so much id love to see you try.

    From a Peppermint stout, to a berlinner weisse. but when it comes down to it. Id love to see you do a simple 4-5% stout.

    OR if you really wanna push the boat out. Thrown in some of the Fish James goes out and catches and make a AFA (Aberdeen Fish Ale)
    craig garvie29.04.2010
  • A fruity IPA with something exotic like dragon fruit. That would be perfect for summer. Also, it could have dragon in the name.
    Caryn K.29.04.2010
  • I second the session ale idea. Something round the 4% mark, not too much hop. Aim for a perfect malt balance. Not extreme at all, just good solid beer. This would be a major departure for you but I think it would be worth while. Especially if you could make it work well in keg/can - really take it to the masses. Wheatbeer is good one to think about too.
  • An all scottish beer, something a bit different though, different to the 'old fashioned' styles that others are doing - big and bold in the brewdog style with stuff like bog mertle, meadow sweets etc!
  • A Imperial Smoked Chocolate Porter at about 10% would be epic.
    Patrick Smith29.04.2010
  • a Hardcore IPA with Chilli, lemongrass and coconut in.

    either that or just more chaos theory!

  • A Cloudy Wheat Beer with full on flavour! Big on lemon taste (so you can actually taste the lemon rather than a aroma as most wheats have), with amarillo hops for extra pow!

    Or maybe a full on steam beer?
    Dan B29.04.2010
  • I'd really like to see your guys' take on a sour beer or something that's been aged in bourbon barrels.
    Arin Mikailian29.04.2010
  • how about a good chocolatey porter!
    gordon ronco29.04.2010
  • Imperial Pilsner! Pilsner, carapils and Munich malt. Shit-loads of Saaz all through the boil and late additions of (and dry-hopped with) Cascade, Simcoe and Amarillo. Somewhere around 7.5 - 8.5% ABV.
  • A wheat beer sounds good, as it's the summer soon and you haven't done one yet. With cardamom, perhaps?

    However, I definitely like the gist of Shandy's 80 shilling idea. Be Scottish! I notice that on the beer review websites you get a lot of confused Americans wondering what's Scottish about your beer, and I reckon it's a section of the market you could make your own.

    So, though this will sound incredibly naff, (and granted I don't have much knowledge of how the spices would behave in beer) imagine: A 'wee heavy' style, malty base w/o many hops, but with an authentic blend of haggis spices! You could possibly collaborate with MacSweens and get their recipe... You could stick some oatmeal in too, to add an oatmeal-stout-type body and get another ingredient in there (leave out the sheep innards until you've got the basic recipe sorted).

    It doesn't really fit with the season, but a reasonably high abv (9%, I think) and a good spice mix would make it a warming beer with the customary Brewdog stong flavours, and a contrast to your existing 'hop the crap out of it' portfolio.

    Also. Dogma and Rip Tide. Pleeeease?
    Chris F29.04.2010
  • How about an Imperial Stout aged in Port barrels? 12% or so should do the trick.
    Joe Wentworth29.04.2010
  • A bottle conditioned dark ale, about 6%, smokey, hoppy bitter with a hint honey.
    Summot like that,
    Steve Wardell29.04.2010
  • Barley wine aged in Bordeaux casks - Brewdog Barley wine Bordeaux
  • 3 Different opitions here:

    Make a berliner-weisse, and brew it with cherries and age it in oak barrels. Bottle condition it with brett.

    Or make a scotch ale (wee-heavy), age it for 6 months in pinot noir casks, Williamette hops, 6 different malts, dry hopped with chinook,

    Or blend three or four different styles/recipes into one unique beer and name it: Postmodernism

    P.S. I want to be a brewdog punk/warrior. Are you hiring? I'll do anything and proudly represent your brewery
  • a dark mild with a Brew Dog twist- infused hazelnuts? infused heather?... elderberries? Peat?
    Robertson Wellen29.04.2010
  • Tea.

    Or a really good session ale, that I can buy in a pub and drink several pints of. Session ale needn't be rubbish and look like yesterday's washing-up water.
  • How about a doubble IPA with lots of New Zealand hops, like Nelson Sauvin and Pacific Gem, matured on whiskey casks?

    I'm still waiting for the Grungebeer!
    Robin Larsson29.04.2010
  • How about a nice strong Export or a sweetish stout ?
    Gerry Kennedy29.04.2010
  • I would like a oak aged pale ale thats really smoth but still fairly strong, somewhere between 7-12%. Maybe add some honey to it aswell.
    Viktor Halldén29.04.2010
  • Chili beer???
    Or possibly an infusion of some summer herb...

    Or how about an aromatic hemp beer ;)

    Cheers from the 'Watt! Keep fighting the damned corporate power!
    Roy Walker29.04.2010
  • I agree with the beer nut: a Scottish Spontaneous.
    Sven Cahling29.04.2010
  • Chaos Theory, that's all, just brew Chaos Theory...
  • A cloudy wheat beer, 7%, amarillo hops, lemon and orange zest, cloves and coreander.
    Paul Eliasberg29.04.2010
  • Fruit beer! like a Bramble beer, something like Frambois. .... cos my boyfriend is a big girl and only drinks girly drinks. this way we could both drink brewdog. :D
  • A dark mild (but at 8%) ;)
    Baron Orm29.04.2010
  • Instead of looking outwards to what's happening across the pond for inspiration, how about tackling the native styles and bringing the humble 80 shilling up to speed for the new beer loving cogneseti. I've been messing with this idea myself and yielding interesting results. Classic styles with a new twist are the thing but how about one closer to home that doesnt require hops by the tonne.

    Pea suit brew dog

  • Summer you say? Something light and sessiony, ~3.5% ABV, hoppy and not too much malt, maybe slightly citrusy. But above all, slightly spicy. Definitely slightly spicy.
    Aidan Skinner29.04.2010
  • I'd love to see what Brewdog's take on a wheatwine would turn out like. And to make your lives more difficult and integrate multiple comments before me, I think it should finish with a mixed sour culture (I thinking some sort of lacto-brett mix). On the funky wheat scale I'm thinking more like a Quad Berliner-weisse than an 'Export' Gueze (though that might be fun times also)
    And to this Daniel fellow I say bah! One should be capable of both making staples and experimenting in small batches I think. (see also: walking, chewing gum...)
    Ben Fields29.04.2010
  • id like to see ya make a sweet 4-6 % ruby mild or maybe a fruity oatmeal stout round the 5 % mark nothing crazy but a darker beer to session on in the sunshine cos everyone would expect a pale beer for summer how bout a cider you guys ever thought bout that an a fruit lambic would be so cool too
    shaun mcsweeney29.04.2010
  • I've always thought about some kind of pimm's matured cask effort
  • how about a nice Dunkel, or McDunkel if you prefer
    Simon Reid29.04.2010
  • Please, please make another batch of How to Disappear Completely!
    Colin Ferguson29.04.2010
  • Dark Ale!!!!
    Andrew W Budge29.04.2010
  • Fraserburgh Lambic. You could be sitting on a microflora goldmine.
    The Beer Nut29.04.2010
  • A lovely adjunct dirt cheap bottle of lout. With a label that turns blue when its cold enough.
    Cooking Lager29.04.2010
  • Dogma!
  • I want you to keep making good beer and stop dicking about with stupid small batches!
    Daniel McCurdy29.04.2010
  • Ooh! What about a cloudy wheatbeer?
    Kieran German29.04.2010
  • I bet you guys would make one f*cking crazy sour! Probably a sour no one has ever thought of, that would get some heads spinning.

    paul estrada29.04.2010

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