Caption Competition 13: Lambs

Caption Competition 13: Lambs

Win a bottle of TNP and a bottle of AB:01.

Good Luck!


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  • SHEEP ON THE LEFT: Martin... James is a football casual.

    MARTIN: James, this sheep says you're a football casual.

    JAMES: Why don't you shut your fucking face!
    Iain Louden28.06.2010
  • Martin and James taking care of cute lambs. Which Brewdog's beer will they match?
    Dimitri Carrer20.06.2010
  • top secret, experimental craft beer punkified delivery system testing session #43. next stop human (well errr... staff) trials
    ben steel13.06.2010
  • "One more year, and you boys will be sipping on Zeitgeist..."
    Andrew Clark12.06.2010
  • Coming soon to your local cheesemonger: Tactical Nuclear Pantysgawn.
    Andrew Clark12.06.2010
  • "The lamb of God finally gives in"
    A. Madden31.05.2010
  • fed with plenty of hardcore IPA and regular massages, this autumns lamb was going to taste awesome
  • Since the civet coffee (Kopi luwak) is the most expensive coffee in the world, the Brewdog team decided to make some sheep beer for the upper class clientele...
  • Mary had a little lamb it's fleace was like the snow and everywhere that Mary went ? mares eat oats and doe's eat oats and little lambs eat barley !@#$
    Trent Engel28.05.2010
  • James and Martin decide to break their own record for the strongest beer on the planet with "Liquid Haggis" at 42% ABV
    Justin Burnsed28.05.2010
  • Some people have accused Brewdog's marketting tactics as a little wooly
  • After months of contemplating, the BrewDog boys decided this was the best way to get rid of the bland, tasteless and apathetic beers from the mainstream
    richard boyden26.05.2010
  • Straight in at number 1 in the Progressive Hops chart is The Lamb Lies Down on BrewDog.
    Jonathan Kerry25.05.2010
  • The National Ewe-nion of Sheep protest against a ban on BrewDog's animal testing project.
  • The National Ewe-nian of Sheep protest against a ban on BrewDog's animal testing project.
  • Yasser Arafat and Kurt Cobain bemoan James' grave robbing antics.
    Dom Welsh25.05.2010
  • You might not be able to tell, but this is how we got rid of the left over Zephyr.
    Ben Magro25.05.2010
  • Brewdog, a wolf in sheep's clothing...
    Kevin English24.05.2010
  • "This tastes good! Which way to the Baaa?"
    Tom Roseveare24.05.2010
  • This is the best way to marinate lamb chops with beer!
    Josh Williams24.05.2010
  • "Somebody count me down 30 mins please, the fun starts once this Rohip kicks in"
  • Brewdog, redefining Hardcore

    Its like porn, but Welsh
  • Do androids dream of beer drinking sheep?
    Rob Fairs24.05.2010
  • Consent whilst intoxicated is no defence in law.
    James Campbell24.05.2010
  • to me, to ewe,to me, to ewe ( chuckle brothers ) hahahahahahahahahahah
  • Scottish kobe lambs available in your delicacy stores soon
    Hendrik Duerkop24.05.2010
  • Despite PETA protests, Brewdog decided to continue their experiment of marinating lamb's liver in beer the natural way.
  • shiny happy sheeple
    shaun mcsweeney24.05.2010
  • I bet this picture appears on ewe-tube
    ken wilkinson24.05.2010
  • On a recent trip to Wales Brewdog founders take advantage of the local night life
  • Stop bleating and get it over your neck!
    John Daly24.05.2010
  • BrewDog Drinkers.
    Definition:~ People that break the mould of
    traditional beer drinkers and choose quality over mass Market appeal. Like lambs breaking away from the flock to enjoy greener pastures.
    Mark Scott24.05.2010
  • Martin and James officailly unveil the new Brewdog Baaaaaa-r
    Dan B24.05.2010
  • Fraserburgh...where even the sheep need dutch courage
  • New to the Brewdog range: Pre-marinated lamb
    Michael Richardson24.05.2010
  • Hes Shaun the sheep
    Hes Shaun the sheep
    He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat
    Pasi Susipuro24.05.2010
  • Feeding that day's meal with some Punk IPA, dinner can always be more tender and juicy. Now to sit and enjoy a meal after a day of hard work.
    Paul Kelly24.05.2010
  • In a blind sheep tasting, Hardcore IPA was preferred 5 lambs to 1.
    Anthony Harvey24.05.2010
  • In their ongoing attempt to defeat the herd mentality that leads to substandard beers, BrewDog decided the only way was to get to them young.
    Mr Jack24.05.2010
  • hey there my lambs no slaughter happening here, dont think so
    Tasha Sudz24.05.2010
  • The morning after a night of "quality control" they're both feeling a little sheepish...
    David Clark24.05.2010
  • Just wait and see we don't call it Hardcore for nothing.
  • Brew Dog; Providing the milk of human kindness.

    Martin & James try a twist in their attempts to condition their ales in new and interesting ways.

    Testing out the new brew prepared for The Slaughtered Lamb.

    Brew Dogs in sheep's clothing.

    Dorian Moore24.05.2010
  • This milk needs more dry hops.
  • James and Martin try their new Lamb-ic ale on their target demographic...
  • This was a really sheep beer.
  • And then the lambs went Baaaaaashah
  • Lambs getting slaughtered
    Glyn Roberts24.05.2010
  • That TNP will "silence those lambs" - so that Braken does not get implicated in the slaughter
    uncle wilco24.05.2010

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