A Dog's Dinner @ The Saint in Edinburgh

A Dog's Dinner @ The Saint in Edinburgh

The Saint, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Thursday 24th June - email jo@brewdog.com for a ticket!

Jist: A small, relaxed basement bar/restaurant in the villagey Edinburgh district of Stockbridge.  It opened 18 months ago.  White washed walls, roaring fires, hand written menus and awesome beers!

What they’re doing: A six course Dog’s Dinner: A BrewDog Tasting Menu.We got their chef to open a few bottles of BrewDog and gave him free rein to let his creative juices flow.  This was what he came up with.

A [Brew]Dog’s Dinner

Haggis with Roast Neaps, Tatties and Zeitgeist Caramel


5am Battered Cod With Matchstick Potato’s and Tomato Coulis

(5am Saint)

Stuffed Saddle of Rabbit With Wild Mushroom Broth

(Trashy Blonde) 

Oysters 3 Ways, Tempura, Herb Crusted and Natural

(Tactical Nuclear Penguin) 

White Chocolate Mousse with Peanut Butter Fudge


Mini Cheese Plate with Walnut and Prune Loaf


The Date: Thursday, 24th June 2010

The Deal: £35 for six courses including drinks with each. 

Jo and Richard from Brewdog will be there to talk about the beers and maybe a little bit about BrewDog too. Tickets are limited so email jo@brewdog.com to ensure you get your paws on some!


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  • Scottish Ale is an invented American style.
  • Absolutely gutted, I'm moving to Edinburgh 2 days after this! You lot had better do another one cos that menu looks serious. Beers dont sound bad either...
    Richard Wilson02.06.2010
  • Surely it's only Scottish Ale at the Scottish Traditional Beer Festival hense why there is no Brewdog. Then what is Scottish Ale anyway???
  • Availability permitting, I'll be there. I might even wear some bells
  • Is the beer festival not on for three days anyway?
  • James, Will there be any brewdog at the aberdeen beer fest next weekend?
  • I know you were invited there last year, and was dissapointed there was none there nor at Aberdeen last year either. As i always prefer your beer in Cask. In fact i went back 3 Times to the 9A for the Hardcore. Man was that crackin in Cask. Would have loved to do the Tasting, but will be working the beer festival
    craig garvie29.05.2010
  • There were Brewdog beers on at the Kingdom of Fife festival in Glenrothes. Including Physics. That was a very nice perk on a good day.
    Douglas MacIntyre29.05.2010
  • We tried hard to have our beers there but have been turned down so many times by them we no longer even bother.
    James, BrewDog28.05.2010
  • How the **** no beers @ beerfest ?
    Cmon guys , do us all a favour and maybe get some new followers to boot..
  • Scottish Traditional Beer Festival? I am guessing you will not find any BrewDog there Craig?
    James, BrewDog28.05.2010
  • Bad choice of Dates as this Clashes with the Scottish Traditional Beer festival. Ah well maybe next time.
    craig garvie28.05.2010
  • rellay wish i could get upto Scotland for this but unfortunately stuck down here in Wales :(. Oh well i still have my mixed case to enjoy ;)
    Ben Thomas28.05.2010
  • Sounds tastylicious.
    Douglas MacIntyre28.05.2010
  • damn damn damn damn, i'm skooting through europe on the bike for 12 days aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhh !!!!!!! hope everyone has a rocking night \m/ \m/

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