Time Magazine feature our Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Time Magazine feature our Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Now we are proper famous.

They even liked it enough to make a neat little video www.time.com/brewdog

You can get your paws on some of this remarkable little beer here: http://www.brewdog.com/product.php?id=46 


And this is how we made it, contrary to popular belief it was not mystically crafted by wizards, pixies and clowns.

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  • He drank it in just over an hour? That's impressive. Has about the same amount of alcohol as 2.5 litres of white lightening. Although not as much artificial crap in it.
  • I'm taking a bit of Penguin and Bismark to Chicago next week. Maybe this article will cause some additional interest...
    Douglas MacIntyre30.05.2010
  • "alcohol watchdogs are not amused"

    Well I am.
    Robert Fairs29.05.2010
  • eep!! that guy skulled (chuged) it!
    Michael Richardson29.05.2010
  • So when will Brewdog and Schorschbräu get together and create something?
    Dave P28.05.2010

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