BrewDog Aberdeen update

BrewDog Aberdeen update

Work is now proceeding apace at BrewDog Aberdeen and we are aiming to open our doors to beer lovers, chess superstars and random gypsies in late September. We are also brewing a special beer to mark the occasion that will only be sold in the bar.

The bar also has an off-sales license so look forward to us introducing growler fills to Scotland as well as selling some of our special bottled beers for people to take home.

Now all of this may be slightly optimistic given the fact we did not even have a roof for most of this week. But alas, we now (almost) have a roof again and our hardcore builder (Abacus George) is rocking and everything is now flying in the right direction.

Here are some photos from various points over the last few days.


Who needs a roof? 


The basement, where the beer cool room is going.


New roof going on.


New roof almost on.

We will continue posting updates of how work is progressing over the next couple of months.  

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  • Are you planning on getting a licence for showing SkySports/ESPN in the pub?
    Ross Paterson30.06.2010
  • i am moving into a flat a minute away from this pub SCORE! in September too.
  • Not having a roof does NOT exempt you from the smoking ban ...

    Be sure and let us know the launch date in good time so we can book trains and stuff.
  • Growlers! Never seen one in this country.

    May have to visit as a pilgrimage like many Americans do to the DFH Rehoboth brewpub.

    Will there be any on-site brewing?
  • Sounds (and looks) great! Growlers, eh? Very cool indeed.
    G Dunbar25.06.2010
  • I had to look growler up on google. I always thought growler was a euphemism for female genitalia.
    Dom Welsh25.06.2010
  • Looking to being able to belly up to the bar for a pint or two..or three...when I am up in Late September/early October.
    The Wild Scotsman25.06.2010
  • Ahhh I remember the days of learning how to build a bar with only two days before opening...

  • Growlers! Awesome!
    Aidan Skinner25.06.2010
  • Looks truly awesome... may the growler take Scotland by storm
    Geoff Donegan25.06.2010

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