Devine Rebel Mortlach Reserve 2008

Devine Rebel Mortlach Reserve 2008

Brewed in 2008 with Mikkeller www.mikkeller.dk , this is a 12.5% Single Hop Nelson Sauvin Barley Wine aged in a Mortlach speyside whisky barrel for almost 2 years. The beer was brewed in November 2008.

There are only 1000 limited edition numbered bottles are available. Only 500 of these will be sold online. Each bottle comes with a free BrewDog key chain bottle opener.

You can buy yours here: http://www.brewdog.com/product.php?id=63 


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  • Sublime. Words fail me! A truly awesome drink. Nectar!
    I hope the 2010 version is as good!
    Keep up the good work, lads!
    Angus McDonald03.10.2010
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  • to Mark
    Bottle opener could be at the bottom of a box. I found my one there
  • Received my bottle today,pity no bottle opener.Just have to wait until my next order i suppose.
    mark oldham09.09.2010
  • Is anyone ever going to decide the caption competitions? I want my, I want my, I want my TNP!!
  • just ordered some, can't wait for the postie.
    hoof hearted31.08.2010
  • Keep posting stuff like this i really like it
    dental hygienist30.08.2010
  • Ordered some for my birthday!

    Noticed you're out of stock on a fair few items which is a shame. Need to get cracking on that second brewery!
  • Ah! I wished that I had noticed that too... ah well, At least I'm not in a panic about being able to order this time! Hurrah for being paid early!
  • G'day James. Do you think any of this will make it to Australia in bottles, for the retail trade I mean?
    Anthony Williams28.08.2010
  • You're a good man, I've always said so.
  • Fairzo - this was a pricing mistake on my behalf. I will add a bottle of Punk to all shareholder offers to make up for this.
  • Can't say I'm happy that this was £11.99 on the shareholders tip off, when I bought it, £10.99 a few hours later to the great unwashed.

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