Watch James' TV debut online - link

Watch James' TV debut online - link


Step 1 Click on the link above

Step 2 Open a bottle of Punk IPA

Step 3 Sit back and relax

Step 4 Let us know your thoughts with some comments below

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  • Ну а теперь, как говорится, хотелось бы заслушать начальника транспортного цеха ;)
  • Ну честно говоря, многое из того, что Вы пишете не совсем так… Ну да ладно,не важно в общем :)
  • Прикольно написано, но мне кажется, что автор что-то не договаривает :)
  • Спасибо за ответы на все вопросы :) На самом деле узнал много нового. Правда до конца так и не разобрался что и откуда.
  • Вообще, когда видишь такое, посещает мысль, а ведь это ж так просто, ну почему я это не смог придумать
  • Interesting concept. A reality show where the winners are evicted! Well done on the win. I hated the way that Jack played the I am older than you so I know more card. Bet she is taking the credit for the victory though.
  • Looks like you have a new bff in Jacqueline Doherty. Congrats on the win!
    John Harkins13.11.2008
  • hehe, nice one! you did well to not laugh at the end. Bet you were glad thats over eh.
  • It was the Zeit Geist I was on, which is the best of the prototypes for me, though all of them are delicious. Oh and I have an idea for making my millions. Lets sell warm water to hot people in a hot country. And if it fails on day 1, lets not try to think of something better for day 2. I can feel the money rolling in already. Genius.
  • Well done James, Jacqueline looked a bit harder work than running a brewery :)
  • i got it all wrong when i watched it on BBC3 earlier... at step 2 i opened a bottle of Bad Pixie to try out. its a nice beer and all that (the best of your prototypes). but, being honest, i got a bit bored with the nonsense from the other contestants and went off to listen to the football results. i did tune back in 15 minutes later to see who won the programme (this time with a bottle of Zeit Geist for consideration) and was pleased with the result for the Brew Dog lad. well played.

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