5am Saint Rocks out in Hong Kong

5am Saint Rocks out in Hong Kong

We are delighted to announce that 5am Saint not only won the strong ale category but also scooped the top overall award at the Hong Kong International Beer Awards 2010.


The Overall Winner spot is a great accolade and tribute to the great work our brewing team have been doing this year.


You can get your hands on some here: http://www.brewdog.com/product.php?id=43 

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  • Heading back to Australia in 4 weeks to resetttle. Leaving the Bristol supply of Brew Dog will render me clinically depressed.

    20kg of plane luggage = about 55 bottles. Alternatively I'll need to think seriously about becoming a Queensland/Oz distributor.
    M Roach27.09.2010
  • Go the Saints!! St Kilda football club will be battling it out with the dreaded Collingwood in this weekend's AFL Grand Final (in Melbourne, Australia), and I urge everyone to crack a 5am "Saint" in support of the underdog... They play in red, white and black, so it's almost the right colour to be the team's beer of choice!!
    Anthony Williams24.09.2010
  • Well done chaps, a well deserved accolade to add to the trophy cabinet. What's going on that that floral display though? A bunch of roses stuffed into a cake?
    Douglas MacIntyre24.09.2010
  • 5am Saint is the BrewDog beer I drink most of. Cracking beer!

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