BrewDog Aberdeen Update

BrewDog Aberdeen Update

the north east's craft beer bar takes shape.....

BrewDog Aberdeen








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  • As I was driving home yesterday I saw that the sign was up outside. That can only mean that the opening will be soon :)
  • After all the build up and waiting, only to find out it is keg only.
    I'm gutted !!!
    They manage to serve decent cask Brewdog at the Tilted Wig, so it's not rocket surgery ....
    Please try and get some casks in. We have just had cask Hardcore IPA (9%) and cask Punk IPA at the King William IV pub in Nottingham, and they were SUPERB !!! Pete
    Pete Howard28.09.2010
  • Theo, any true beer enthusiasts share their beer with the likeminded =)

    The unofficial date I've heard so far is monday the 4th, but with planetickets costing in the vicinity of 500£, I would love an official date. Would be a true shame to arrive and miss out on the bar alltogether, and not affording a new trip :(
  • Looking pretty good!

    I was hoping it would be open in time for my birthday but that happens to be tomorrow. I heard it may be opening this Sunday but I don't know how true that is.

    Ian, we need some more TNP on the go. I loved you for bringing me a glass of that on Friday!
    Theo Robertson28.09.2010
  • will be cool to see beer served only in the format that the BrewDog guys think is best, to be honest they work with the beers day in and day out so I'm going to go with what they are saying. Can't wait till the opening, when is it by the way???
  • Not even cask beer on gravity thus needing no separate beer lines, only cooling jackets? Works a treat at places like the Bree Louise in London, although they do also have handpulls.
    Pat Hanson28.09.2010
  • Are you going to have a Randall?
  • Hiya, just wondering when you will post a date for the bar opening? I will be flying in from Norway just to attend, so the earlier i get the notice the less my wallet will get raped (planefair atm is 450£, rising 50£ a day). Also, if I will require an invite for the opening night, please forward Bruce's number so I can coerce him into inviting me =)

    Kind Regards,

    Ian, your favourite crazy norwegian with the irish accent (which I'm still not sure how I got)
    Ian from Norway28.09.2010
  • Nah.... nae cask dont wash for me when ur taking 5am cask doon south..
    Pioritise or face the backlash...!
    Cask Warior28.09.2010
  • Far is't?
    Roddy Pattison27.09.2010
  • No cask ale?
    I have been informed previously that there would be "half-and-half" cask and keg.
    I'd be interested to know why.
    Helge Nareid26.09.2010
  • Are you guys intending on having some kind of event for the opening night?
    Mark D26.09.2010
  • We will not have facilities for serving cask beer Jonathan, only keg.
    James, BrewDog26.09.2010
  • Not even cask Paradox?!
  • I like it - and Christ knows, Aberdeen needs a decent place with a proper selection of beers. My birthday's Dec 17th so looking forward to celebrating it in BrewDog Aberdeen ;)
  • Looking good - when is the big opening day?
    Don Robertson25.09.2010
  • I like the look of it.
    Iain Louden25.09.2010
  • Who's the tramp pissing against the side of the building?
    Glyn Roberts25.09.2010
  • I know what it reminds me of... Belgo.
  • Good work but from the photos it feels like a cross between an Apple Store and a Trendy London Coffee Shop. And that exposed brickwork is sooooooooo 10 years ago wannabe gastropub....

    I'm sure you won't be a wannabe and will make up for it in a fine selection of ales (though make sure you do a damn good coffee as well ;-)

    Hope you are getting some impesively huge joanna bashford art work on the wall... all hail the hophead!
  • Congrats on that amazing progress! it's come a long way already from our visit there 10-Sep. Can't wait to return for a BrewDog brew...
    -Ian (from Stone)
    Ian Wendlandt25.09.2010
  • No casks, only kegs and bottles
    James, BrewDog24.09.2010
  • With the mention of kegs, I hope there'll be some casks as well!
    Graeme H24.09.2010
  • Will it be open by Sat 9th Oct?
    Innes McCulloch24.09.2010
  • This is very exciting! It looks great (the exposed wall is something else isn't it?).

    I can't wait to drop in.
    Kieran G24.09.2010
  • looking good
    hoof hearted24.09.2010
  • Nice tap system. Glad to see that your bringing kegs into the mix.
    Brian H24.09.2010

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