BrewDog Begins

BrewDog Begins

We brewed our first ever batch of beer in April 2007. A lot has changed for us in just over 3 years. Here is how it all started.


Martin celebrates signing the lease on Unit 1 Kessock Road with a nonchelant wave.


James gets to work mapping out where the walls and drains will go.


James gets bored and decided to try and scare Martin with a hardcore Mummy impression instead!


Bracken was just a puppy.


Our four 20HL tanks arrive. Giving us 80HL of tank space. Today we have 2300 HL of tank space.  


Our 2 head manual filler. 180 bottles per hour. Caps and labels applied by hand. Many 24 hour bottling shifts. 


Like the ghostbusters poster? We were very cool. I fell putting it up.  


200 empty firkins arrive and the whisky casks for the first ever Paradox are made ready for filling.


Martin on an important business call in the mash tun and James in the kettle.


 The short lived first draft of our logo.

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  • No doubt it's good to remind yourselves from time to time how far you've come.....

    Mark Seaman28.09.2010
  • You punks know how to make things happen! Cheers to BrewDog! Can't wait to see you next time your in Tampa, FL
    Francis Booth28.09.2010
  • Incredible to think how much has been achieved in such a short time. My first Brewdog was Paradox.
  • I enjoyed 5AM Saint and Punk IPA yesterday afternoon. Amazing!! Good job guys!!! regards from Barcelona.
  • Four months later I drank Punk IPA for the first time at Peterborough Beer Festival. It seems so long ago.
  • Great entry for the blog. Good to see how it all started. Was all of the kit second hand?
    Douglas MacIntyre27.09.2010
  • Bracken is the coolest punk puppy ever :)
  • Pretty much sums up why I invested. Good call on the logo, too. Even free beer wouldn't persuade me to have Mk I tattooed on me ;-)
    Don Robertson27.09.2010
  • You have come a mighy long way already. I was in Englandshire recently and the only Scottish beers I stumbled upon were yours. I frequently buy beers directly from you and I`m looking forward to Beerdog Aberdeen opening. Exciting times all round.
    Chris Simmonds27.09.2010

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