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*Please note for legal reasons we have had to temporarily remove this video from our website*


Our Imperial India Pale Ale. You can buy some here http://www.brewdog.com/product.php?id=32 

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  • If Stella have issue with this, tell them it will vanish if they can prove that there are only 4 ingredients in their fizzy pish. The video will be back up in no time!
  • Using piglets in this instance would have been a wizer choice than using lamb.
    Edwin Hemsley05.10.2010
  • So what was the legal reason?
  • anyone have an alternate link to the video yet?
  • Pre marinade Lamb Could catch on ....
    bradford Dave04.10.2010
  • how fucked were those lambs after that?
  • Bloody Brilliant Beer! I just had a tasting session with my Bar manager, and 2 other from the bar staff, I'm gonna mail you some pictures of that :D They all loved the Hardcore IPA, but we tasted loads of others aswell.

    Then my manager gave me some russian microbrew to try, long story short, i spent the following day being sick and throwing up, I think the russians poisoned us :(
  • Try watching this full screen on vimeo for the full effect of the generic beer destruction.
  • Ha!

    This video is epic. 10 pin bowling with stella!

    Rock on BrewDog.

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