BrewDog Aberdeen to officially open on the 19th of October

BrewDog Aberdeen to officially open on the 19th of October

On the 19th of October BrewDog Aberdeen, our first craft beer bar, officially open it doors. The opening event is open to all and will kick off from 7pm. We are going to have a few days trading between now and the official opening so feel free to swing past this week in advance of the official launch!

We intend for the bar to be a beacon for artisanal beer in the craft beer dessert of North East Scotland. A focal point for the craft beer resistance in our struggle with the industrial beer bourgeoisie. A place where people can become indulged in everything that is great about craft beer from the depth of flavour and character of great beer to the passion of the people behind the world’s best beers.

The bar is set up with 12 draft lines which will serve mostly BrewDog’s assertive ales with the occasional draft guest. The bottled beer list will focus mainly on beers from the best breweries in the world such as Stone, Three Floyd’s Mikkeller, Struise, Nogne O, Alesmith, The Bruery, De Dolle and many more. There will be nothing industrial or generic in sight, and this resolute philosophy extends to everything we serve.

Whilst not having the space for a kitchen we will be offering cheese and meat plates which are designed to perfectly compliment the beers we have on offer. In addition we intend to introduce Scotland to the concept of growler fills so that customers can also enjoy our draft beers to take away. Our off sales license allowing people to enjoy both our draft and bottled beers at home too.


It has been a huge project for us and the shell of the building had to be completely rebuilt before we could start kitting it out. After 10 months in and a lot of hard work we are really excited it is almost time to open. We look forward to having a beer with you at the bar, it is as good a reason to visit Aberdeen as any.

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  • Sp. desert not dessert
  • Its at the top of Schoolhill opposite Marischall College. You can't miss Marischall College its the biggest granite building in the world fer gawds sakes!

    I'd love to know if Brewdog considered buying the old Aberdeen Uni Student Union next door. Would have been great to turn the old ballroom with its lovely murals into a large beer hall!
  • Our best wishes guys!!! Posted to our web page too... http://www.beer-pedia.com/news/news_world_brewdog_aberdeen.html
  • wOOt! Can't wait for the opening night tomorrow - we are travelling from Edinburgh for it :D See you all tomorrow!
  • Agreed on more detail on the menu, with some of the beers up to £45 the average punter will want to know more about what they're getting before splashing the cash. A few cheaper options would be good too, to save my bank manager having a fit. Going to treat myself to a bottle of Abstrakt sometime when feeling flush. The Gumball head on draught was lovely. The bar looks really good guys, and good to see it so busy before its even open properly! Any plans for a shareholders discount at the bar?
  • Really wish I could be there. I would love to see a video tour of the new pub or a launch night video.
    Peter Hughes18.10.2010
  • After a couple of visits I'm starting to "get" it but think you should have more detail on the bottled beer menu (beer type/abv/bottle size/rarity factor) as most people will baulk at those prices without some explanation. 3 Floyds Gumball Head was delicious on tap!
  • So what's actually on tap and what are the bar tariffs?
  • Maaaan, that place was flexing!
  • Just got back after a couple of fantastic brewdog pints and I have got to say it was INCREDIBLY worth it! many many thumbs up to you guys and long may it continue! Stu
    Stuart Gibb14.10.2010
  • Is the tattoo idea still going ahead? I'm 100% in if it is. Please blog something about it soon!

    Been in btw. It's a great atmosphere to go with the great beer.
  • I'm up this weekend! After my summer spent hefting sacks of rubble, and my last pay coming in tomorrow, I can't wait to finally have a drink that is not tea in there!

    Can't make it for the opening though, is there a staff one?
    Iain Walker13.10.2010
  • This sounds like a great approach - something like places I've been to in Belgium where you have a big, thick menu of beers that you can take home if you like for a small surcharge.Going to be any art on the walls, James?
  • Congratulations guys! I'll need to make it along some time soon.
    Gareth Young13.10.2010
  • George it's http://bit.ly/cOIurs where the Marischal used to be, it looks a lot better now with the Brew Dog frontage :)
  • Congratulations from Argentina
    Stay heavy's ... or punks?
    Julio Nery13.10.2010
  • This sounds fantastic. Well done getting this off the ground - no easy feat in the UK. I will be trekking all the way up to visit your brewery and drink at this bar next summer when I'm back in the U.K. Cheers! - Lee (Hoptopia)
    Lee Williams12.10.2010
  • Would love to take pictures of your brewery and your new outlet in aberdeen, have got a picture of your stand at the taste of scotland thainstone inverurie, would like to present you with this photograph.
    Just away to try a bottle of 5A.M. SAINT for the first time.
    Michael a Robb12.10.2010
  • Looking forward to it :-D Any details of what we can expect for the opening night? Will you be open on Sunday afternoon?
    Don Robertson12.10.2010
  • I know just the place for your next BrewDog craft beer bar guys... Queenstown, New Zealand! I don't know whether it would be physically possible to build a bar further away from Aberdeen, Scotland (on this planet at least), so at least with BrewDog Queenstown you'll have both ends of the earth covered! Let me know when you need a manager over there!!
    Anthony Williams12.10.2010
  • Congratulations, hope to make it along. Will the growler filling be up and running by the 19th?
  • I've been waiting a long time for this! What will be the opening hours up until the official opening event?
    Ryan Fordyce12.10.2010
  • What's the address of the new premises?
    George McKnight12.10.2010
  • looking forward to a few beers : ) and then a few more............
    paul noonan12.10.2010

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