Black Tokyo* Horizon

Black Tokyo* Horizon

Last Thursday we brewed a collaboration beer with our friends from Mikkeller (www.mikkeller.dk) and Nogne O (www.nogne-o.com). The beer is a fusion of the 3 brewery's respective big stouts, Black, Dark Horizon and Tokyo*.


The brew team getting inspired the night before the brew!


Loads of dark malts!


Mikkel and Thomas looking on from the brew gantry.


Kjetil inspects the mash with Jared.


The beer should be available in late March 2011.

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  • A mix of 3 fantastic beers - must has it!!
    Kim Odland25.11.2010
  • thanks for clearing that up James, but if its impact is going to be as big as everyone is anticipating, it wont matter on the size of the bottle, it will still need loads of space on the shelf!
    richard boyden22.11.2010
  • Will enough be made to find its way to Australia ? Please say yes... Please.. pretty please.
    Michael Richardson22.11.2010
  • Holy shit. Three of my favorite breweries, not to mention that Tokyo* and Dark Horizon 1st ed. are some of the best things I've ever poured down my throat. I'm willing to kill for this.
  • That's what I would call a "triple" or maybe ... a "cube" :-)
  • f*%!ing mental, roll on next year.........well obviously at a nice slow pace, wouldn't mind living another 300 years..........: )
    paul noonan21.11.2010
  • Oh dear, that's another one to look forward to! :)
  • that has to be one of the sexiest labels known to man!
    andy mogg21.11.2010
  • Richard - that is a mistake on the draft label. It will be 330ml.
    James, BrewDog21.11.2010
  • This looks very exciting and with the reputations you 3 breweries have im expecting big things!!!! Is it really going to be over a pint aswell? I look forward to it. Although with Abstrakt in Feb and this in March, i dont think my bank manager is looking forward to it as much!
    richard boyden21.11.2010

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