A Dog is For Christmas BrewDog takes over Cloisters Bar

A Dog is For Christmas  BrewDog takes over Cloisters Bar

As we career headlong out of 2010 and prepare to take 2011 by the scruff of its bottle neck, BrewDog and Cloisters have teamed up again for a party to end all parties.

Cloisters, 26 Brougham St
Edinburgh EH3 9JH
0131 221 9997

The ‘A Dog is for Christmas’ shindig kicks off at 7pm on December 1st when Chris will introduce all in attendance to our special Christmas spiced ale, There Is No Santa…


That sounds pretty cool huh? Well not cool enough for those of us with pretty high expectations so we’ve decided to up the anti, just a little bit.

For your discerning palettes pleasure you will have the almost overwhelming choice of SIX BrewDog cask beers, FOUR BrewDog keg beers and a fridge of bottles including our former ‘Worlds Strongest beer’ Sink the Bismarck available in 25ml shots (limited availability)

You can have your beer in pints, halves, thirds, shots or a cask with a straw (to be confirmed, highly unlikely*)

There will be raffles for tastings of some cool beers, a raffle for a wee prize (money to charity as usual) and you will have the opportunity to buy some BrewDog clobber for your nearest and dearest as Christmas pressies, should you so wish.

Organise yourselves and come down and meet the team, drink the beer and if you time it well, get some of the cracking food prepared by Cloisters’ rocking chef, Sam!

*Complete nonsense, please don’t ask for it


 The Cloisters Team

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  • Well James, I personally think you are on the wrong track with your "keg is the future", and I will maintain my opinion that Hardcore is significantly better in its cask version.
    And as far as my gender is concerned, I am indeed male, an active Camra member and fitting the stereotype with the exception of the sandals. And I am (not surprisingly, some of you may say) single
    I do applaud Brewdog's dedication to craft beers, but in my opinion the "keg is the future" attitude is a major mistake. Some beers are indeed better suited for keg, but not all - and cask ale is a fine British tradition.
    Helge Nareid02.12.2010
  • Sounds like and awesome party for all those who judge beer on how it tastes.

    Would love to be there, sadly stuck south of the boarder.

    Good work brewdog, innovation comes at a price, it upsets the entrenched masses. I personally am a huge fan of cask beer, and a CAMRA memember, but i recognise the innovation and great TASTE of Brewdog deserves treasuring just as much as tradition.

    Ed Murphy30.11.2010
  • Crikey, I only wanted to organise a party!

    As James has already said, we are clinically consistent. Our beers DO taste beeter on keg, especially Hardcore!

    However. Cloisters is not a BrewDog bar and has a reputation for serving great cask beer. As Cloisters is also run by a manager with an equally independent attitude to that of BrewDog he has kindly agreed to take some of his staple keg beers off for the night in order to have keg beers on also. When we do get a bar up and running in Edinburgh I can absolutely assure you there will be no cask.

    In the meantime, I hope to see lots of you at Cloisters on Wednesday at 7pm and I hope to see twice as many more when I leave....

  • @ Gareth

    James Copeland is my partner, and I am infact female. Helge is like the 'Ashley of Sweden'. Never judge a book by it's covers Gareth Gates
    Helge Nareid28.11.2010
  • Enjoyed There Is No Santa in the Sheffield Tap yesterday. Are there any plans to bottle some?
  • I love it when people jump to irrational conclusions. Telling someone to shut the hell up may not be nicest thing to say, but it is not really a racist comment...
  • @James Britee Copeland

    Im surprised "Ms" Nareid is your partner since Helge is a male name.

    I smell a troll.
  • what do you mean that i don't exist...............ho ho ho !!!!!
    Santa Claus27.11.2010
  • Just to clarify a few things:

    Gdog is not a BrewDog employee.

    Helge - we are clinically consistent. Keg is the future, cask is a part of our product range and something we will continue to make. However we see the exponential growth that we are currently experiencing coming from kegs and we all prefer our beers in keg.
    James, BrewDog27.11.2010
  • RE: gdog

    I certainly won't be in attendence now. I am personally outraged by your racist comments. Ms Nareid is my long-term partner, and we have enjoyed many of your products together over the last two years, but believe me we won't be spending another shilling on your beverages!
    James Britee Copeland27.11.2010
  • Dear Helge,
    Shut the hell up.

  • I cannae wait for this like!! Christmas has come early. Better watch out a dinnae drink too much, I'm on crutches lol!!
    James Copeland27.11.2010
  • Hmmm ...
    Six cask beers? after having declared that "keg is the future", and having no cask beer at the Marischal Bar (sorry - "Brewdog Aberdeen")?
    Could we have some consistency, please?
    And cask beer in the Marischal Bar, pretty please?
    The Hardcore IPA as served in the Marischal Bar gets no favours from being served as keg.
    And please _don't_ rename it "Brewdog Edinburgh".
    Helge Nareid27.11.2010

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