Caption Competition 16: Lora Leigh

Caption Competition 16: Lora Leigh

Be Clever, Win Things!


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  • Hello, My name is Lora.
    John Rolph18.12.2010
  • That bitch has bite
    Eric Baumann10.12.2010
  • some beers need more than just your average bottle opener...Hardcore IPA is one of them
    Aaron Worthington09.12.2010
  • Hardcore IPA: The only time it's ok for her to use her teeth
    Johnny Howes07.12.2010
  • Lora was no longer worried about damaging her teeth - her next dental checkup wasn't for another 12 months.
    Simon Bridgwater06.12.2010
  • Bet you wish you were *this* Hardcore...

    (or: Some beers claim to hit the spot. Only one reaches the back of the throat)
  • Oral Sex just was never the same after this.

    I distinctly remember saying no teeth but she loves the scars.
    Eric Baumann03.12.2010
  • bit late telling me its a screw top.
    john gray02.12.2010
  • BrewDog: Armed to the teeth.
    Richard Lindblad02.12.2010
  • After some Hardcore IPA, the trashy blonde turns into a sassy brunette.
    Fredrik Magnusson02.12.2010
  • Mmmm ass to mouth now that's hardcore!
  • I wish this was a cock!
  • Seconds later there was blood, teeth and sick everywhere. Pop, fizz, her eye caught sight of the open bottle. She still savoured the taste... rode the rollercoaster... before rushing to A&E.
    Matthew Lowe02.12.2010
  • Harcore IPA: Let Nothing Stop You.
    Luís Segura01.12.2010
  • Whats that? No bottle opener? Do it the Hardcore way, Punk!
    richard boyden01.12.2010
  • Do girls like Hard Core?
    You Betcha.
    john rolph01.12.2010
  • Lora was winning the battle to remove the brewdog top whilst the brewdog boys were nowhere to be seen when it came to removing Loras top
    Johnny Be Good01.12.2010
  • You know when you've been hardcored!
    Big Worm01.12.2010
  • try the opener down below, it's got a better grip
    david christie01.12.2010
  • Hardcore IPA: The one load she'll be happy to swallow...
  • Damn girl! I said drink it don't bite it!!
    ryan mcarthur01.12.2010
  • Hardcore. She'll take it the way she wants.
  • Lora soon realised that performing fellatio on the bottle was not going to open it.
    Nathaniel Southwood30.11.2010
  • Even she can't write this shit...
    Colin McGregor30.11.2010
  • The Deep Throat remake was a lot more Hardcore then the original
    ken wilkinson30.11.2010
  • Why be Punk, when you can be Hardcore!
    Chris D30.11.2010
  • Hardcore IPA - bottle opener not included.
    Ben Wideman30.11.2010
  • Hardcore IPA - Imminent Pleaure Approaching
    caleb clark30.11.2010
  • Hardcore IPA: That Brew Dog bite just got a little more Hardcore.
    Iain Lyon30.11.2010
  • " My teeth open bottles, I break hearts."
    Paul Kelly30.11.2010
  • Hardcore IPA; much less disappointing then Martin or James.
    Chris Schryer30.11.2010
  • Hardcore IPA - When you're tired of the trashy blonde.
  • E P I C F A I L

    she just doesn't get it.
  • hardcore al dente
    Hendrik Duerkop30.11.2010
  • Our brand new Brewdog bottle opener. Hardcore Style!
    Kim Odland30.11.2010
  • Beers with bite!


    Bite me!
  • Once I get this top off and wrap my lips round it I dont stop till I've drunk every delicious drop.
  • spunk ipa
  • 1/ BrewDog's new bottle opener was certainly proving more popular than the old key chain opener!

    2/ Lora Leigh - the Waiter's Friend

    3/ If you think this is impressive, you should see how I remove the cork from my bottle of AB:04!
    Mark Cade30.11.2010
  • Get your gums round a hardcore!
    Jim McCreadie30.11.2010
  • Hardcore IPA: The most hardcore thing I've had in my mouth all day.
    Anthony H30.11.2010
  • Give me the beer, I have something better for you to put in your mouth.
  • To fully appreciate this Hardcore beauty, you have to take the top off.
    Paul H30.11.2010
  • Lora requires help removing her top - please form an orderly queue!
    Beer Hawk30.11.2010
  • I want to be Scottish ...
    Dave H30.11.2010
  • 1) Hardcore IPA. 9.2% alcohol. 100% awesome!

    2) Hardcore IPA. Clunge magnet.
    Calum Murray30.11.2010
  • Stiff, Hard and Slides down easy!!!
    Paul Hendry30.11.2010
  • a) I'd rather lose a tooth than a finger on my Brew Dog key chain opener...
    b) Unlike the rest of the world, in Scotland the tooth fairy leaves bottles of Brew Dog...
  • Lora was just about to give head (in an entirely non-sexual way)
    R Walker30.11.2010
  • I don't spit this.
    Mark Illingworth30.11.2010
  • BrewDogs Hardcore IPA - Bottleopener not included!
  • the beer is so awesome that even the bottle tastes good!
    Barry Conlon30.11.2010
  • She just loves the "pale ale"
    Sam Newell30.11.2010
  • Hardcore IPA - Crack one out.
    Alistair Lane30.11.2010
  • Either:
    Hardcore IPA - the tastiest thing I've had in my mouth recently
    Hardcore IPA - Hard to open but worth the dentist bill
    Sam Parker30.11.2010
  • XXXCore
    Andy Young30.11.2010
  • Hardcore IPA - the only beer recommended by dentists.
    Dan Robertson30.11.2010
  • Win on all fronts.
  • GRENADE!!!!
    The Ormskirk Baron30.11.2010
  • I can also catch bullets with my teeth.
    Rob Fairs30.11.2010
  • "I am the original Hardcore bottle opener!"
    Steve Ironside30.11.2010
  • My hobby : Sneaking into peoples houses and hiding their bottle openers
    Kris Ball30.11.2010

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