Beer Rocks Episode 2 - Malt and ABV

Poll: Beer Rocks Episode 2 - Malt and ABV

James - 8.5% ABV Munich Malt, Dark Crystal Malt, Pale Chocolate Malt
Martin - 6.5% ABV Pale Maris Otter, Amber Malt, Black Malt
Stewart - 7.5% ABV Pale Marris Otter, Roasted Barley, Pale Chocolate Malt
Total votes: 87

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Have fun!

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  • Martin gets my vote on this one and cannot wait for the barley wine, if it is half as good as the Zephyr it will be stunning
  • Can i be cheaky enough and annoy james enough to tell you who won Ill half the odds anyway any say it wasnt him. Looking forward to this one as the next round of hops are going to be very interesting
  • Yep. Going with Martin on this round...
    G Dunbar28.11.2008
  • Got to go with martin here, correct ABV i think, and the malt is a little bit more exciting and varied. Hopfully it will come out right!
    Johnny B24.11.2008
  • Mikkel brewing a Barley Wine with Martin. That sounds very heavenly.
  • Got to go with Martin on this one.
    Johnny C24.11.2008
  • For those of you longing for a BrewDog Barley Wine, the word on the street is that Mikkeller is currently at BrewDog and brewed one with Martin today.
  • I would like to suggest Conspiracy Theory as a name for the IPA, as I feel it is evident the human Granny Smith rigged the vote.
  • Hear that, tom... The worlds smallest violin is playing just for the poor saps who wont be having Brewdog barleywine. BRING IT ON!
  • This sounds grim already.
    Hugh Jones23.11.2008
  • Ive rememberedsome of them came out like weird cloying black and tan style affairs Tried Chaos theory on draught yesterday keep up the good work
  • Agreed. In my time home brewing Ive made many mistakes Hoppy or hop aroma accentuated beers that came out to dark or dark beer that comes out with an overly hoppy aroma being among those mistakes I suppose itll be to somebodys taste
  • I feel have have to vote but no matter what anyone does a black ipa is going to taste bad anyway so it doesnt really matter what i vote for

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