BrewDog Edinburgh - Deal Done!

BrewDog Edinburgh - Deal Done!

We have secured the location for our 2nd craft beer bar!

We have officially agreed the location for its second craft beer bar, just weeks after opening our first ever bar in Aberdeen. Enthusiastic appeals were made from craft beer fans throughout the country to locate the second bar in their hometown and we eventually decided to find a venue in Edinburgh. BrewDog Edinburgh will open its doors to the public in April 2011.

Our mission is to make people as passionate about beer as we are and our success with BrewDog Aberdeen proves there is a growing appetite for craft beer. People are looking for more than the fizzy, yellow lagers on offer in most mainstream bars and BrewDog Edinburgh will establish another stronghold for the craft beer revolution that is sweeping the nation.


BrewDog Edinburgh will be situated at 143, Cowgate in Edinburgh, transforming the premises into a stripped-back, industrial and contemporary space that puts the beer at the centre of attention. As well as stocking BrewDog beers, the new bar will showcase a myriad of diverse and often rare beers from all over the globe. The bar will be is a library of beery masterpieces from the likes of BrewDog, Stone, Mikkeller, Struise, Alesmith and many more. 

No Tennents.

No Carling.

No Smirnoff.

No Televisions.

Just as with BrewDog Aberdeen, BrewDog Edinburgh will have an off-licence and will be the only high street bar in the city to provide American style ‘growlers’; specially designed containers that allow customers to take draught beer home with them. 

The bar will have a capacity of around 120, stocking beers from Stone, Three Floyd’s, Mikkeller, Struise, Nogne, O, Alesmith, The Bruery and De Dolle breweries. Cheese and meat plates will be specially designed to compliment specific beer styles and underline the connection between good beer and good food.

We see our new bar on the Cowgate adding to Edinburgh’s already great craft beer scene and making Edinburgh one of the best craft beer destinations in Europe. We haven’t yet developed plans for the launch, but you can expect something suitably bold.


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  • Return of the 'Draft Pack' from edinburgh pubs....well that was 25 years ago !!!
    Hope you dont open on the April 1st...or we wont believe !
    John Sumner20.12.2010
  • Great news - hopefully the next one will be "South of the Border". Somewhere in the Midlands would be fantastic.
    Andrew Brett18.12.2010
  • Awesome place for an amazing company, bar the fact it is below a students halls of residence but glad you chose Edinburgh! Will definitely be applying for a job here.
    Peter Reid14.12.2010
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  • A proper pub in a tourist tat beer wasteland. Magic.
    Lewis Morrison12.12.2010
  • Sounds good, nearer than Aberdeen fo' sho'!

    specially designed containers that allow customers to take draught beer home with them.

    WTF?, they are just big glass bottles with a glass finger loop. Who you trying to kid??
    C Stewart11.12.2010
  • Pub on the site of the old Campbell,
    Hope and King brewery. Closed by Whitbread in 1970. It was asset stripped for its whisky interests.
    Demolished to make way for those awful flats in the 90's. I seem to remember
    that someone forgot to list the brewery!

  • Shame it's at the Cowgate
  • I shall prepare my cv at once
    sick of g110.12.2010
  • Fantastic location, if you need a hand with anything give me a shout. Will work for beer!
  • I wish I still lived on the Cowgate!! This is awesomeeee!!!!
  • shooot why didn't you do this a year ago when I was living on the Cowgate! I'm definitely coming back for this!
  • Can we do the Tattoo thing this time
  • Sign me up for the opening night!
    James H09.12.2010
  • Cant see a stag or hen party being too happy that they cant get jager bombs and bacardi breezers. These kind of things tend to police themselves.
  • As long as it is also:

    No Stag.

    No Hen.

    Can't wait!
  • The cowgate isnt quite as bad as some people make it out to be. Besides, you dont always have to go there at the weekend. This is a great location for meeting a mate for a couple of quiet ones midweek. Meatheads wont stay long when they cant get a pint of tennents.
  • Will you put up more photographs soon? Of the inside, like.
    Iain Louden09.12.2010
  • April 29 would be a good opening day, since plenty of people will have the day off and as a bonus no TV!
  • Way to go boys ! Now i don´t have to think any more about where to go on spring vacation 2011.
    Keep up the good work!
    Janne Hansson09.12.2010
  • wOOt! Can't wait!!!

    Although I do admit that that part of town ain't my fav place to be on a weekend night!
  • fantastic news, wishing you lots of luck in your bid for world domination, keep rocking the free world \ m / \ m /
    paul noonan09.12.2010
  • Glad you chose somewhere just round the corner from my flat.
    @Wishaw - That student remark was a bit of a sweeping generalisation. What about the students who enjoy the taste of fine beer and shun the tasteless norms of Carling etc.?
  • Dreadful.
    It'll be full of bloody students. There're enough fuckwits wandering the Cowgate at weekends without them filling up on strong ales just to get even more bladdered than usual.
  • Feckin' ace!
  • would quite like the next bar location to be in the south or midlands of england, scotland is just too far away for some of us :)
  • Did you have to put it in stag do central? I hope there will be a ban on stag and hen dos!
  • Pfft April! That's ages away... :)
    Alan Simpson09.12.2010
  • Fantastic news! And only 10 minutes' stumble from my flat!
  • great location! should be a captive audience of potential converts to found in that area on weekend evenings anyway!
  • Freaking love it!
    Dennis Brandrick09.12.2010
  • I cannot fucking wait. This will be epic. Are any of the flats above it for sale?????

    awesome news.
    Justin orde09.12.2010
  • Giggidy.

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