This Week @ BrewDog

This Week @ BrewDog

We got our new delivery van in Punk Blue. It will be *pimped* soon. Any suggestions on how we should decorate it would be appreciated.


Darren from and Patrick (from Cask Sweden - our biggest customer) visited too.


And Darren helped us brew a special beer for the Swedish market. A small batch of a cloudberry IIPA. 8.5% with Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Bramling Cross and some amazing artic circle cloud berries. The beer style and name were decided on by readers of BeerSweden.Se.

Hello, My Name is Ingrid is the name of the one off brew.

A small amount of Punk X prototype made its way onto our online shop


And Peter and his team from the awesome Beer Temple in Amsterdam visited.


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David 20.12.2010 @ 10:31am
Nice to see all the brewery faces at last.
Andrew Madden 19.12.2010 @ 8:35pm
Don't worry about the van colour, just do it up like the van a la "Dumb and Dumber" and you've got your dog-van.
paul noonan 19.12.2010 @ 10:13am
i wish the snow would f*** right off !!!!!!!! waiting for my beer : (
Gareth 18.12.2010 @ 5:46pm
I suggest a horn-helmed valkyrie on the front of the van with wings spreading back along the sides and Ride of the Valkyries on repeat on the sterio.
Chris W 18.12.2010 @ 3:31pm
Good to see Spud fi Trainspotting on the right there , taking pleasure at your leisure..
Erik 18.12.2010 @ 12:06am
Looking forward to the Hello, my name is Ingrid. Is it going to the Systembolaget or only bars? Either way hope it doesn't sell out too quickly.
Will 17.12.2010 @ 5:46pm
Put petrol on the van and set it on fire, how cool would it be if your beer turned up in a flaming van with some metal blasting out the stereo?
paul noonan 17.12.2010 @ 5:28pm
haha nice video m/ m/