BrewDog on BBC 2 with Oz Clarke and James May

BrewDog on BBC 2 with Oz Clarke and James May

On Tuesday (20th January)  evening at 8pm Martin and James will be appearing on OZ Clark and James May’s ‘Drink to Britain’ show.  We share a few BrewDog beers and thoughts on various issues. Oz was remarkably knowledgeable about beer and they were both fun to hang out with. Hanging out in a park with some D-list celebrities is how we like to spend our weekends anyway.

Highlights include...

Me telling Oz Clarke he could play the piano with his toes, seriously they were like fingers.

Convincing Oz and James that Paradox tastes better with your left shoe and sock off and then proceeding the throw the aforementioned shoes into the bushes.

James May getting so enraged about the Portman Group threatening to blacklist out beers that he threw a bottle of Punk IPA which actually hit the camera man.

They really enjoyed our beers and we had a good fun, lively debate with them, incidentally we think they would both be great on Celebrity Big Brother or the one in the jungle (I am a beer/wine expert get me out of here!)


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  • hi James, Got a question, not really about beer but just wondering where you got the tshirt with the hurricane on it that you wore in the last episode of the programme oz and james beers of britain on bbc2. by the way, love the programme. thanks
    roy waren01.03.2009
  • This is where i first saw brewdog. I ordered some of your beer the next chance i got. :-) I enjoyed the beer and more so the nice reply i got from my emails. Amazing:D
    Dale Entwistle06.02.2009
  • Ordered a 24 Party Pack after this show and it was delivered today. Had my first Hop Rocker and I am throughly impressed. Unfortunately the wife also enjoyed it so I can see I am going to be ordering more a lot sooner than I thought! Well done guys!
    Brad McGuigan04.02.2009
  • This program intoruced me to different beers, but yours is the best cause its fun!!!!!!!!!
    Danny McGuire04.02.2009
  • Do I get a refund from you guys or Oz and James on this acrid stuff I bought from Tesco????
    Fabian Baxter03.02.2009
  • Saw the Oz and James show and decided to try Punk ,found it on the shelves at Asda. Was not disappointed at all, best Ipa I have tasted in years.Keep up the great work guys. Top Brew
    Brian Shrimpling02.02.2009
  • After seeing the show was pleased to find that Project Orange in Clapham had Punk IPA and Cult Lager in their fridge. Spent the evening switching between them, both very good and was hangover-free in the morning.
    Jim Lawton28.01.2009
  • Oz Clarkes grimace when he tasted this crude overhopped and bittter gassy excuse for a beer said it all.The brew dog guys looked like a couple of wallys clearly out of their depth,they had the piss taken out of them by Oz and James.
    john muir23.01.2009
  • Interesting beer, must try more to decide. Found it at Tesco after the programme, otherwise would not have known about it. Thank you BBC, for one thing at least. Yes half way down the bottle, it grows on you.
    Tim OMalley23.01.2009
  • After seeing your beers on Oz & James I decided to try Punk IPA - I can see why brown bags are required, to double as sick bags. What vile stuff...
    John Kral22.01.2009
  • Watched it, went to Sainsburys and bought some of your beers. Its like being hit in the face with a hammer but in a very pleasant way.
    Des Hughes21.01.2009
  • Watched it, loved it, bought 2 cases! (about 10min after watching it!!!) Hope it is as nice as they made out it was!
    Dan Smith21.01.2009
  • Watched and ordered strightaway even before the show had finished cant wait to sample it!
    Martin Hurn21.01.2009
  • I have literally just stumbled across you guys based on the Oz and James piece. Rest assured as soon as I get paid I will be ordering! On another note I have been looking in to the Portman Groups actions. OK, kind of (just) get the speedball issue especially with current attitudes to booze but their over-zealous reaction shows a distinctly narrow minded view of the world. Their ability to dictate Right and Wrong is astonishing. Brew Dog are a force of good in the alcohol world!
    Seb Hill21.01.2009
  • Portman Group are on another planet.What are they doing about alco pops which are aimed at kids.Keep up the good work chaps.Dont let them grind you down.FTW
    iain keith21.01.2009
  • I agree there wasnt enough of Brewdog. Just a snippet really. Though the piss taking wasnt that bad. What do you expect from James May? The did funny accents when they went to Yorkshire & Newcastle.
  • Show was ok but not enough brewdog in it. Them taking the piss out of scotland was annoying as was the editing out of you throwing their shoes in the bushes :( gutted.
  • thanx for putting the fun an laughter back into brewing good beer. may your socks never rot
    robert knox19.01.2009
  • Can you send me some beer please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao I am S.K.I.N.T!!!!! www.julianmeteor.blogspot.com
    Julian Meteor19.01.2009
  • My only problem with this series is that itís kinda tortuous watching James & Oz travel the UK drinking such fine beers...just jealous!
    G Dunbar18.01.2009
  • Looking forward to seeing this. I hope the slate the portman group on air. :-) Nice to see you get some more good publicitly
    craig garvie18.01.2009

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