zeitgeist rocks out London

zeitgeist rocks out London

zg7_1024Now available to buy from www.brewdog.com/product.php?id=36

The zeitgeist website is almost finished at www.zeitgeistbeer.com



Zeitgeist is an idiosyncratic, alternative black lager. It seeks to recreate the spirit, attitude and autonomy of an age gone by. Its inspiration is found more than 200 years ago. It takes an age-old classic, a forgotten masterpiece and gives it relevance and an avant-garde edge

Zeitgeist's edgy attitude extends past that of the name and taste. The bottle's unique look was created by Scottish art student Heather Brennan, who took her inspiration from what she sees as being today's zeitgeist.


Heather was picked to be the designer of Zeitgeist after BrewDog ran a competition with art students, giving them the chance to design the logo and look of the new drink.

Heather said: "I looked at what Zeitgeist means in contemporary times from an alternative view. The label represents conformity in today's society, as people follow the higher authority.

"This sparked my interest in military line-ups and the repressing of their identity in masks and uniform. I've tried to emulate this with sheep masks, yet underneath the body shapes reveal personality underneath.


"My influences were from a variety of sources for this project, from artists work, such as Alex Pardee's linework and Ralph Steadmans' use of ink, to films like as Metropolis and 1984, anything set in a dystopian landscape."

The beer had an amazing launch event on Thursday 26th of February, here is what some of those lucky enough to attend thought.








The Exhibition will be on until Wednesday 4th March at: Austin Gallery, 119 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG


Now available to buy from www.brewdog.com




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  • --Our beers are in no way commercial or mainstream-- --BrewDog, the globally successful edgy beer company have created the UKs first mass-market black lager.-- Global, successful, mass-market??? Goes against your core ethos a bit doesnt it?!
    Conrad Hill04.03.2009
  • Are there any plans to launch Chaos Theory in 6 or 12 bottle quantity on the website like Zeitgeist?
    S Treacy03.03.2009
  • looks like fun was had by all,wish i could have been there!
    andy mogg28.02.2009
  • I cannot believe i was 2 short to get a train ticket down, so insted watched the master chef final. :(
  • I too was lucky enough to attend and can confirm it was a good night with good beer and good company alike! All beers should have a launch night like this!
    Dan Weston28.02.2009

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