Think about everything you know about Lagers.

Then forget it all instantly.

77 Lager will redefine the experience forever.





A Lager that actually tastes of something?
You have to be kidding, right?
77 lager is made with 100% malt and
whole leaf hops.
It contains no preservatives, additives,
cheap substitutes or any other junk.
Maybe we are crazy. So what?

Taste 77 Lager and we are pretty sure you
will agree that the fine line between
genius and insanity has just become a
little more blurred.

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  • Whens this guy out? I havnt tried it yet and its another must!
  • ship some over to Sweden!
    Carl Gustav24.03.2009
  • i had 3 pints at the dove street hinn ipswich. What a refreshing beer for a hot day in suffolk taken with a pork and beef sandwich.
    Martin roberts24.03.2009

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