77 in a can

77 in a can

You can now get your paws on some canned 77 Lager here http://www.brewdog.com/product/77-lager-can 


Here is how we brew 77 Lager, more information on the beer and the latest Olympic Sport. Beer Golf.

As always, we want your opinion. Are you happy to see 77 Lager in cans? It will be available in all good Norwegian supermarkets in 10 days time!


You can now get your paws on some canned 77 Lager here http://www.brewdog.com/product/77-lager-can  

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  • Yesterday afternoon in The Fat Cat in Norwich was the first time i ever had 77 lager and it was on draft. I was amazed. Not because it was so good but because it was actually closer to a German Wheat beer than a lager in my opinion.
    Nathaniel Southwoos03.05.2011
  • http://www.ratebeer.com/Brewers/Brewing-Company-3157.htm a craft brewery which sells slot of it's beers in cans and I suppose due to some form of association you wouldn't buy these either get a grip it's another way to sell good beer. If you'd rather not have craft beer because it's in a can it's maybe time to try wine!
  • Bought a couple of these bad boys to take along and drink on stage at our gig on friday night, got a lot of good chat from people about the cans, until I cracked open the Dogma!!!
    Jamie Hughson02.05.2011
  • maybe i am the muppet for just publishing my email by mistake. I just love people who talk about themselves in the third person. Can the Web administrator please take my email address down from the previous post. Muchly appreciated. GM
    G MARSHAL01.05.2011
  • Sorry, I just can't get excited about beer in a can - it just smacks of high volume production. Homebrewers can put beer/wine in crown cap bottles. Maybe it's just all in my mind - but I choose not to buy. It's bad enough that the IPA is down to 5.6% (although still showing 6% on the 4 pack cartons in Sainsbury's - trading standards, hello!) and losing all it's initial appeal that first got me VERY excited about craft beer and made me vow NEVER to drink another mass produced beer again (except Guinness, sorry - start doing a full time porter then and change me). Jock is chilled. Jock is booked onto his Brewlab course this summer. Plans afoot. :-)
    Jock Dryburgh01.05.2011
  • Jock & Dan - chill out dudes!

    The FB post was obviously a little joke to underline BrewDog's unpredictability!
  • Corporate madness prevails again. It's all about the money baby - fk the integrity!!
    Jock Dryburgh29.04.2011
  • In under 24hrs since your "Should we put 77 Lager into cans?" Facebook post. Either you guys are quick off the mark, or you're starting to feed us the same BS that the big beer co's are...
  • Think it is 4.7% as it's the highest ABV that you can sell in the Norwegian supermarkets. Correct me if im wrong
    R Marshall29.04.2011
  • Anyway, this is great news and I also hope to see it in supermarkets here soon. Why has it's strength dropped slightly though, James?
    Iain Louden29.04.2011
  • Aye, 77 Lager is a very important beer. I got my brother started off on this stuff, he really liked it but he thought punk was horrible. Then there were some days when Punk was all that was in the house though, because that's what I drink, and he'd have a can here and there. Now he fucking loves the stuff and won't drink anything else. That's why I believe that we CAN do this now. People who drink corona really could one day be drinking punk. When I'm reccomending BrewDog to people I usually recommend 77.
    Iain Louden29.04.2011
  • Hope it moves into british supermarkets quickly too, would buy them and give them out to the uneducated. Will be good as must be an effective bridging beer from yellow fizz to craft beer as people would latch onto the word lager, then be amazed at the taste.
    Would love to see 5am Saint and Trashy Blonde in cans too, but we can't have everything at once.
    R Marshall28.04.2011
  • As usual, hope it find its way to Sweden! Punk IPA in a can has already arrived, but to have both would be awesome. But now when Darren is working for you I don't think that will be a problem. ;)
  • Cant wait to see those cans in Norway.
    Mads kristiansen28.04.2011
  • I would love to see these and Punk IPA i the states! Send them our way!
    Bob Grissom28.04.2011

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