The Cambridge/BrewDog/Stone Collaboration and BrewDog’s American Trip

The Cambridge/BrewDog/Stone Collaboration and BrewDog’s American Trip

Juxtaposition Black Pilsner is now busy fermenting away.


To be invited to brew at Stone was a huge honour for Martin, myself and all here at BrewDog. We have idolised Stone long before we ever thought of starting our own Brewery.  They have been complete pioneers in everything they have done and their impact in redefining the US craft beer genre could never be underestimated.  Stone, combined with an obscure John Locke quote, pretty much provided the inspiration for us to start BrewDog. I guess they have allot to answer for! To meet and brew with Will from Cambridge was also allot of fun. Will is a complete brewing maverick, but all his brewing eccentricity is underpinned by tremendous knowledge and passion.  It was a perfect 3 way fit and it totally rocked just hanging out and brewing with these guys.

With the beer we were determined to make something that had never been done before. Why get 3 edgy, eclectic, eccentric pioneers together if you are not going to do something completely unique and boundary pushing? We had no interest in making a beer that had already been made. We wanted to create our own style, our own legend.  The result was Juxtaposition Black Pislner. A jet black 10% 100 IBU hopped to hell lager.  It has more hops per barrel than any other beer ever made at Stone and it is the first ever lager brewed there. If you are going to make lagers, one like this is a pretty cool place to start!


Getting ready to do some hardcore hop additions.

James speaks about the Pilot batch of the beer.


The BrewDog edition of the label text.

The collaboration was part of a 3 week stateside trip, Richard joined me for the final week. New York, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago were all crossed off our hit-list. It was a great experience, we visited some amazing places, met super cool people and got to talk allot about BrewDog.

 Other Highlights of the Trip included:


 Punk IPA at the centre of modern civilisation.


Team BrewDog USA: Henry Preiss, Keith Greggor, James Watt, Michael Cameron.


Richard and James setting up for Whisky Fest in Chicago.

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