Devine Rebel, our Mikkeller Collaboration is ready to rock

Devine Rebel, our Mikkeller Collaboration is ready to rock

The word on the street is that on the 23rd November 2008 Mikkel ( arrived at BrewDog Brewery on a cold, snowy Sunday morning.

According to the legend 2 of Europe's most experimental, boundry pushing brewers combined forces to produce a rebellious beer that combined their respective talents and brewing skills.

The 12.5% Barley Wine fermented well, the champagne yeast drew it ever closer to 12.5%. The beer was brewed with a single hop variety and was going to be partially aged in oak casks.

It was bottled on Friday and is now ready to ship.

You can buy some online here: 


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craig garvie 04.06.2009 @ 5:46pm
Oh man, this was truly worth the wait. Absolutly Sublime.
James 15.05.2009 @ 6:52pm

we are happy to deliver to a work address for you so you dont have to stay in and wait for a delivery.

James, BrewDog
huffy 15.05.2009 @ 6:09pm
Agree that delivery is a pain, would be good if they could at least notify that it has shipped or even if the current orders functionality worked on the site.

Just trying to time order right at the moment to ensure someone will be in as I would like to try this.
Jim 15.05.2009 @ 2:48pm
Ah, price seems to have gone too far the other way now. I was hoping it was going to be 3 Devine and 6 Disappear. Oh well.
Any idea when Zephyr is coming out? I would like to order them together as delivery is a pain.
magicdave6 14.05.2009 @ 12:35pm
Epic win on a massive scale, iv been waiting for this for ages!
Jim 12.05.2009 @ 5:10pm
Sounding excellent and I must get an order in.
But do you realise you have the price for 6 of them and 6 Disappears as the same as for just 6 Devine Rebels? I assume you meant 3.
nik 12.05.2009 @ 2:01pm
This is great news. I have been looking forward to this for ages. My 2 top breweries, some oak casks and 12.5%. I think it is already my favourite beer.