A video tour of Brew HQ

Take a trip around the place we call home. Funded by over 16,000 dedicated craft beer crusaders who invested their hard-earned cash into Equity for Punks, our eco-brewery in Ellon is where we conduct all our experiments in beery awesomeness!

Check out the video for the low down on our hop canon, our specially designed piece of kit that allows us to launch a motherload of hops at warp speed into our beer when dry hopping. Also take a look at our independently commissioned centrifuge. This enables us to gently filter heavy particles from our beer without aggressively stripping any aroma or flavour that we just spent weeks plowing into the beer at every possible opportunity.

Brew HQ will be opening a visitor centre called DogTap later this summer, so consider this your orientation video as a precursor to swinging by.

This is our home. Come inside, enjoy your stay.


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  • I was wondering if you guys got the go ahead for a licence for the DogTap?!
  • Do you plan further? I see a lot of empty space around your current development.
    Long Dong02.06.2014
  • How do you clean out the hop cannon?
    hystrix cristata01.06.2014
  • I want to visit!!!
  • Epic. When can we visit?
    H L30.05.2014

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