A Year in Beers

A Year in Beers

The 5 beers that rocked 2013

It’s almost time to consign 2013 to the year that was. We’re talking Equity for Punks III, Brew Dogs, new bars in Stockholm, Leeds and Shepherd’s Bush not to mention the blistering arrival of some genuinely life altering beers.

Distilling 365 days of sensational brews into our top 5 was tough. Let’s just call every beer we’ve had this year ‘research’…we did a lot of ‘research’.

So, here they are, the top 5 that made us take a second look at our glass, stole our hearts and made us want to pledge allegiance to this crazy craft beer cause one hundred times over again.

1. Jackhammer

So you like the taste of…citrus

We’re seriously reconsidering branding 2013 the ‘year of Jackhammer’. Who’d have thought the runner up in 2012’s Prototype Challenge would go on to become one of the most requested beers in 2013; to the point where it may as well be part of our core line-up. 

With an ability to stun even the most seasoned craft beer aficionado – thanks to those 200 theoretical IBUs – Jackhammer retains the title of most bitter beer we’ve ever brewed. Chuck in two massive American hops – Centennial and Columbus – and Jackhammer is the equivalent of setting off a citrus grenade in your mouth.

In short, 2013 isn’t officially over until you’ve been Jackhammered.

You can buy some here: http://www.brewdog.com/product/jackhammer

2. Beer Geek Vanilla Shake 


This brew saw gypsy bad boy Mikkeller fuse an oatmeal stout with coffee and a generous paw load of vanilla. Rumoured to be the fastest selling Mikkeller beers of all time, this twist on the classic Beer Geek Breakfast is super charged with sweetness and amped up to 13% ABV.

Think a beery milkshake with tonnes of coffee, milk and chocolate syrup. It floated our boat.

You can buy Mikkeller beers here http://www.brewdog.com/shop/guest-beer

3. Mixtape 8


Described simply as ‘fucking complex’ by our head brewer Stewart Bowman, Mixtape 8 is a collision of Belgian tradition, American new wave and Scottish whisky.

One half a hopped up Belgian tripel, the other a tripel IPA; Mixtape 8 then takes two years in the wood...single grain whisky casks to be precise. The result? A beer where earthy tastes meet the sweetness of jam and dryness is complimented by juicy nectarine; all topped off with a dusting of coconut.

Like Stewart said, fucking complex basically. You can get your paws on some Mix Tape 8 here http://www.brewdog.com/product/mixtape

4. Lichtenstein Pale Ale


What do you say when the TATE Modern calls you up and asks if you want to collaborate on a new beer to celebrate the launch of their Lichtenstein exhibition? There is only one answer - hell yes!

Drawing inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic pop art masterpieces, we created a 5.1% rye pale ale packed with Cascade and Centennial to ensure the taste was as vibrant and refreshing as the art. 


Oh and the bottle label featured original artwork by the man himself. Quite possibly the coolest beer label, ever.

5. Deviant Dale’s


Throughout 2013, there were few breweries that we quietly obsessed over as much as Oskar Blues. The ‘craft-in-a-can’ kings of Colorado kidnapped our hearts and minds with a series of epic tap takeovers not to mention our collab beer Shipwrecker Circus.

These guys know how to wrap their beer in aluminium; Deviant Dale’s being one of the most awesome canned brews we’ve ever got our faces around. Think bitter grapefruit and resinous pine in every can. Go try. Now.

Not spotted your favourite beer from 2013 in our list? Let us know what beers rocked your world!

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  • Almost had to give up on Hardcore IPA because of Jackhammer :)
  • Jackhammer is terrific - please make it core range!

    Although I also have huge love for the winner of the 2012 Prototype Challenge: there is nothing better to finish off a night in a BrewDog bar than a Cocoa Psycho, and I think that deserves to be up there, too.
  • A late mention for Hoppy Christmas ?
  • My magic beer is I hardcore you, just amazing and maybe my favourite beer ever. Just incredible!!
  • Jackhammer reminds me of stone ipa but super fresh. Whatever you guys have tweaked has done the trick, it tastes amazing. Best beer of the year apart from jackhammer magic rock bourbon barrel bearded lady or stone sublimely self righteous ale
    Stu da man30.12.2013
  • Hoped to see DogWired in the top 5. Really deserves a mention. Great stuff.
  • Gonna stick my neck on the line and say Jackhammer is the best brewdog ever (except really on form punk, but thats never guaranteed!).
    Scanlon make a good point about Cigar City. Visited their tap room whilst in Tampa in the summer. Great brewery, great beers, great tap room. Any chance of importing some of their cans? Or even a colab brew?
  • Cigar City Jai Alai IPA. A cheeky 7.5% from a Tampa brewery I enjoyed whilst in Florida. Hoppy with the slightest of Citrus edges. A delight
  • jackhammer is incredible. definitely one for the core range.
  • love Jackhammer!
  • Definitely the year of Jackhammer.
    Thats a stunning beer fully of aroma!
  • Jackhammer - Epic
    Gamma Ray - Epic
    Woot Stout - Epic
    Vertical Epic 12.12.12 - Epic
  • Where can I get the Lichtenstein beer? Is it all gone?
    Roy, Leeds30.12.2013
  • cant get enough of Jackhammer!
  • Been loving I Hardcore You this year - favourite beer at the moment!
    Dave R30.12.2013

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