AB06 Goes Live

AB06 Goes Live

The latest version of our Abstrakt Series is now for sale.  You can get your paws on some here: http://www.brewdog.com/product/abstrakt-ab06 and from the abstrakt website here http://www.abstrakt.com/product/ab06 

AB06 is a 11.5% Imperial Black IPA which has been triple dry hopped.  This beer is savage; boasting more bitterness and more hops than any BrewDog creation to date, combining loads of awesome malts and monumental amounts of our favourite hops.

As always with Abstrakt, each bottle is individually numbered and very well suited to ageing. Drink one now and then age one for a couple of years and see how it develops. Cellar it up.

Buy some here: http://www.brewdog.com/product/abstrakt-ab06 


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Stephanos 16.05.2011 @ 4:45pm
Some cheeky barsteward bought some of the beers I was hoping to get, ah well still got a good selection! 3 bottles of AB06 for me.
Johnny 16.05.2011 @ 4:36pm
Just ordered... along with some other goodies....
Tristan 16.05.2011 @ 4:32pm
Another one for the collection! I put my order in last night, can't wait to try it.
Adrian 16.05.2011 @ 4:12pm
Awesome. Just ordered.
Manker 16.05.2011 @ 4:09pm
Just bought six AB:05 and now thus, cant wait though!/Manker