Abstrakt AB:05 goes live

Abstrakt AB:05 goes live


Belgian Imperial Stout aged on toasted coconut and cacao


The latest instalment is our uber-limited release Abstrakt series is now bottled and ready to ship. Only 700 of these bottles will be available on our online store at http://www.brewdog.com/product/abstrak-ab05

Our Abstrakt series is a new breed of beer brand which only ever brews and releases a beer once. We release a very small number of limited edition abstrakt batches per year. More art than beer, these beers are directional & boundary pushing: blurring distinctions and transcending categories All Abstrakt beers are bottle-conditioned, individually numbered and known only by their release code, e.g. AB:01, and ideally suited to ageing.


AB:05 is a 12.5 Imperial Stout fermented with a Belgian yeast strain. Post fermentation we have aged it for 4 months on loads of tasted coconut chips and bucket loads of pure cacao. The Belgian yeast strain introduces a whole new dimension to the Imperial Stout style resulting in a beer which resembles a marshmallow toasted on a smouldering barbeque then smothered in dark chocolate. Massively seductive and encapsulating this blacker than midnight beer pours with coffee brown head so thick you could almost stand on it and with an epic lacing on your glass.


The pure cacao came from our friends at Willie’s Cacao – we did a cool swap deal and sent them some beer. The resulting aroma may make you feel like your head is going to explode from chocolate, as the beer warms in the glass an amazing complexity develops with almond, coffee, coconut, rum, raisons, tinges of port, molasses and caramel all present. The mouth feel is dramatic, this is such a thick, rich beer and we decided to go with high carbonation. The result is a liquid velvet mouth feel that glides along your pallet. The high carbonation gets lost in the density of the stout but ensures the flavors are delivered in the most enthralling way. Chocolate, toasted marshmallow, roasted almonds, caramel, touches of red fruits and thousands of other flavors entice you as you gently sip away at it. I am just a little sad the batch was so small and we lost so much removing the coconuts and all the cacao.

The best beer BrewDog has made to date? I definitely think so and it will be interesting to see how many people agree with me. It may also be the ultimate ice cream float beer.

As with all the Abstrakt series, AB05 is a individually numbered, limited edition bottle. Perfect for ageing or just drinking now! It is also best enjoyed from one of our BrewDog Teku glasses which you can buy here http://www.brewdog.com/product/teku-glass 

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  • Tanned a bottle last night. Swing and a miss guys. Would have been good if I could taste any coconut or chocolate. As an imperial stout it's good, though perhaps a bit too sickly.
    Best release AB06 asap.
  • Amazing beer - really enjoyed it at a great night at Holyrood 9A. Reminded me of the (very) old Russian Stout that used to be brewed down south in year-numbered bottles. Tried all of the IPA is Dead as well - Nelson Sauvin best followed by Citra. Thanks Brewdog!
    Pat Hanson23.02.2011
  • For anyone wishing to try AB05 I noticed they are going to have it available on tap and in bottles at the Evening Star in Brighton tomorrow night. Also will have IPA is Dead.
  • Tried it yesterday.

    Phenomenal! Best BrewDog ever, and that is saying something!
  • Tried AB05 last night.
    IMO not the best of the AB series (I like 2 and 4).
    A watered down version of Mikkeller Black? Or perhaps a batch of Tokyo that didn't turn out quite right and so morphed into AB05?
  • can anyone let me knw where i can purchase AB:05 pls.

    I dnt believe 3000+ bottles vanished within a day. Surly there must be an alternative retail outlet or some other means to obtain??

    Pls advise.
  • is there a recommended aging period for this one?
  • Are there still bottles for sale at the pub?
  • Easily the best beer BrewDog have made yet. Tried it at the pub last night and it is awesome!
    Steve Armstrong22.02.2011
  • Then you might want to update http://www.abstrakt.com/product/ab05 ... it says 3600 bottles.
  • Order now sorted
    Many thanks
  • Alrighty,

    Sorry guy just to keep you updated in numbers. We normally produce 3,200 bottles of each AB. However the coconut in the conditioning tank has caused all sorts of problems! This batch therefore will be a little under the normal quota, however come on guyz, its our experimental range, we dont know whats going to happen!

    Chin chin!
  • So is this beer really already sold out?? Or is this because of the pricing error?? Day 1, 9am in Australia and it's already sold out. That would suck!
    Ben Magro21.02.2011
  • i emailed both Kayleigh & Sarah today regarding my order of 3 bottles. Neither have got back to me yet, any ideas how long as i really don't want this order messed up?
  • James-

    Was the Cacao powered or in the solid bar form when you added it to the beer?


    Chris Rockwell21.02.2011
  • Crap!!

    None for Kim :(
    Kim Odland21.02.2011
  • Cant wait to try this. Tried the AB:02-AB:04 the other day and especially the AB:02 kicked ass. Like a previous but lighter version of Sink The Bismarck while AB:04 was just amazing. How many more AB's will be brewed this year?
  • Per the type, 700 online of 3600. Assuming as distribution channels have expanded for brew dog they need to send out bottles to the peeps that sell their everyday beers.
  • Can't wait!
  • Double bah!
    How come only 700 bottles made it to the website? Were there 3600 in total? Is there another sales channel? And any prospect of a subscription scheme? I'm a bit gutted to be missing a release already.
  • Bah sold out already!
  • This has happened before on the internet (amazon and the likes) and its quite clear if the mistake in pricing is an obvious mistake. Then the seller is entitled to correct the mistake before shipping.
    craig garvie20.02.2011
  • Yeah, I worked in Retail and if a customer saw a product for sale at a lower price in store when infact it was listed at a higher price, we had to sell it for that lower price, that's law.
    Tom Archer20.02.2011
  • surely if the beer was advertised at that price then that order has to be fullfilled at the advertised price?
    david bald20.02.2011
  • If you did buy the mistakenly priced £9.99 package please send an email to Kayleigh@brewdog.com - she will give you the option of adding another 2 bottles to your order.

    Sorry for any confusion caused here.
    James, BrewDog20.02.2011
  • What is the scoop if you have order 3 bottles for £9.99? Do you get just one bottle, do you get the option to buy three or do you get all three for a tenner?! Cheers
  • There have been some gems in the Abstrakt range so far and this looks and sounds fantastic. Order placed!
    Beer Hawk20.02.2011
  • Will this be available at Systembolaget in Sweden as well? If so, is there a date yet?
  • Please note there was a pricing error for the first hour this beer was live.

    £9.99 obviously gets you one bottle and not 3. Thanks for the understanding.
    James, BrewDog20.02.2011
  • 3 bottles for 9.99?! don't mind if i do...

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