Cranachan Imperial Stout, Press Coverage, AB07 news and details of the next Ghost Deer event. An update from Brewdog HQ.

Cranachan Imperial Stout, Press Coverage, AB07 news and details of the next Ghost Deer event. An update from Brewdog HQ.

Equity for Punks continues to burn up the press. Invest at


And there was a cool piece on BrewDog in the Telegraph.


Remember voting for what we should brew? The ideas came flooding in and you eventually voted for a Cranachan Imperial Stout. So it was brewed last Wednesday with some special guests. Gareth Young (who came up with the idea) along with our Scandinavian Top Dog Darren Packman, Per from Cask Sweden along with Stene and Rille from the acclaimed Akkurat in Stockhom.

The Cranachan Imperial Stout has been inspired by the famous Scottish desert, brewed with a mountain of dark malts, loads of oats, Scottish Heather Honey, local raspberries and will be aged in whisky casks. It is destined to be an upcoming Abstrakt. The beer will be 13.5% ABVThe ingredients certainly tasted pretty spectacular. Raspberries dipped in honey, oats and cacao were a post lunch treat!


We had an awesome launch event in Edinburgh for Ghost Deer.


And we have a launch event for Ghost Deer coming up this Wednesday (14th September) in BrewDog Aberdeen. We will also be launching some of our awesome new guest beers including Ballast Point on draft.


Some Swedish Equity Punks cooked up some seafood in Hello my name is Ingrid and sent us this awesome photo.


We also put Abstrakt AB:07 back into tank in preparation for packaging. This will be a 12.5% whisky cask aged imperial scotch ale. 


The beer was brewed on the 21st of December last year, when the brewery was covered in snow and looked like this:


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Noel 13.09.2011 @ 3:18am
With my latest shipment of beer I got an equity for punks folder - where you say the Manchester bar is open? We haven't even had any details on when or where yet?
Chrispy 13.09.2011 @ 1:28am
Might have to pay for intercontinental shipping when the Cranachan is released! It sounds entirely amazing.
showell1 12.09.2011 @ 8:27pm
I made my weekly train journey to edinburgh BrewDog on Saturday with my tongue flapping at my knees in anticipation of some Ghost Deer as it stated somewhere on the website it was there for a month. IT WAS ONE DAY ONLY ! I was told. I see now that it is in Aberdeen BrewDog this coming Wednesday, for one day ? Are weekend drinkers ever going to get a shot of this evasive brew ? Luckily there was Ingrid available to rescue me. Keep up the awesomeness !
James, BrewDog 12.09.2011 @ 6:40pm
@Jasper,we are going 24/7 because our equipment is so small and basic. In the overall scheme of things, we are tiny.Amazing American craft breweries such as Sierra Nevada are 40 times larger than BrewDog!All our beers are hand-crafted for our drinkers by our insanely passionate brewing team and that will never change.
jasper 12.09.2011 @ 6:29pm
When does "craft beer" become something mass produced? I hear it's getting like a fully fledged factory up there, with 24 hour shift working?
Wal 12.09.2011 @ 4:57pm
Are the new west coast guest beers only going to be in Aberdeen? Also, if you can, goan get some of Ninkasi's Total Domination or Tricerahops IPAs across from Oregon and place it in the Edinburgh fridges... I'm gagging to get some over here.
leithdave 12.09.2011 @ 4:16pm
Will AB07 be included as part of the Abstrakt Addict deal for shareholders or do we need to wait a bit longer until that kicks in?
R J Wilson 12.09.2011 @ 3:08pm
Can't wait for those beers, they both sound amazing. I honestly feel that Brewdog have set out to bankrupt me, all my meagre income is going on beer at the moment! I was in Brewdog Edinburgh the other day (as usual) and heard from the Scottish dude with the long hair - excellent barman by the way - that Mr Squirrel is soon to be aged with apples before being bottled, is this true? If so, can't wait again.As a side issue, just recommended the Edinbugh bar to, not sure how well-used this site actually is but it might help spread the word a bit.
Stewart 12.09.2011 @ 12:33pm
"the famous Scottish desert"I don't see it in my atlas.
Matt 12.09.2011 @ 12:16pm
Wow. Those Abstrakt beers sound ace.
Stephanos 12.09.2011 @ 11:24am
AB07 sounds good! As does AB08?