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  • I like the Bad Religion intro at the end of the vid!! From album How could hell be any worst, Cool!!!
  • Grrrrrrrreat!
  • Glass is more eco friendly than cans.
    Green Goblin29.11.2011
  • I'd like to see a "look around you" style vid!
  • WOW, Bowman is Handsome. x
  • Cans do indeed rock, we love them. Dark Glass does the job too though.

    BrewDog James29.11.2011
  • Great job Stewart. Buy me one sometime. Adam and Jennifer's mom.
    louisville friend29.11.2011
  • That was STUpendous...

    Seriously though. Nice little vid.

    More Stu please.
    Graham Cowie28.11.2011
  • Hey you know I love you guys at BrewDog, but I am going to call you out on something. Stewart says that anyone who uses a clear bottle for their beer clearly doesn't give a damn about their beer.

    If the idea is that a darker bottle protects the beer from UV light better, which ultimately makes a better tasting beer, wouldn't a can protect the beer even more from UV light than a dark bottle?

    And wouldn't that be the ultimate in 'caring' about the beer?

    You know I love your beers, but if clear bottles are truly detrimental to beers as compared to a darker bottle, then I'd say a darker bottle is detrimental to beer as compared to a can.

    Just saying....
    Bracken's Bitches28.11.2011
  • Great video - awesome to see Stewart in a starring role!

  • Not just an American V/O - an awesome 1950s style american announcer. Who also helps with editing the video.

    We will rock on!

    James, BrewDog28.11.2011
  • Great stuff! Keep 'em coming!
    Andy S28.11.2011

    Eh?... Shh.
  • American V/O and bleeping out the swearing. Err, rock on...

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